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San Remo Latin integrates all processes and improves customer service thanks to Openbravo

San Remo Openbravo Commerce Platform
Nome da empresa San Remo Latin País Mexico Indústria Alimentos e Bebidas Solução Openbravo ERP Platform
Parceiro implementador

San Remo Latin integrates all processes and improves customer service and decision making with the adoption of the Openbravo ERP Platform.

"After several failures with other ERPs we decided to play a new card with Openbravo. We had a very short implementation and a very effective study on how to implement it, which helped us a lot to achieve excellent results."

Luis Carlos Fernández

CEO of San Remo Latin.


  • Full support to all processes in the new system
  • Daily tasks improvement and automation
  • Improved customer service and collections management
  • Improved decision-making process with actionable real-time information
  • Higher inventory management efficiency, especially when dealing with more than 3,000 spare parts
  • Higher agility thanks to the possibility of using mobile devices



  • Reduce number of manual activities and use of spreadsheets
  • Simplify existing business processes
  • Have better information and improve decision making process



After previous experiences with several ERP systems in recent years, San Remo Latin decided to replace SAP Business One with the Openbravo ERP Platform:

  • San Remo Latin chose Openbravo for its flexibility and ability to adapt to the company business requirements perfectly and not the other way around
  • Openbravo backoffice functionality fully supports its logistics and financial processes
  • The POS component allows to create quotations or sales orders even from mobile devices
  • And all this achieved with a very short implementation project


Company description:

San Remo Latin is a Mexican company dedicated to the distribution of coffee related products for the hotels, restaurants and coffee shops market. San Remo Latin imports Italian coffee machines and coffee and also has its own coffee brand. San Remo Latin provides technical services for coffee machines maintenance. With over 20 years in the market it is the leading company in Mexico.