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Brascuba improves its operations and gains real time business visibility thanks to Openbravo

openbravo brascuba
Nome da empresa Brascuba País Cuba Indústria Bens de Consumo Solução Openbravo Business Suite
Parceiro implementador

Brascuba, the leading cigarette company in the CUC currency market in Cuba, modernizes its systems and efficiently integrates all processes thanks to the functionality and flexibility offered by the Openbravo Business Suite.

"The adoption of Openbravo has allowed us to improve our efficiency in all areas, especially in production, and has been key in the growth of our company, without which it would not have been possible to double our turnover in 3 years."

Conrado Peraza

IT Director



  • Improvement of the quality of information with the elimination of duplicate data, thanks to a unique source of truth shared by all company departments.
  • Detailed control of production costs, including raw materials, labor, direct and indirect costs.
  • Management of losses that improves the reliability of production data and allows cost savings with the purchase of tobacco.
  • Improved decision-making process thanks to the availability of real-time information of all processes.
  • Improved distribution process with better control of the generation and follow-up of orders, invoices and goods.



  • Integrate information from all departments, including production, tobacco management and planning.
  • Improve overall visibility of processes status.
  • Improve the distribution process.



  • Brascuba chose Openbravo due to its flexibility, which caters for their most specific requirements efficiently, its web architecture and a price point that was within their budget range.
  • The solution gives support to all corporate processes including accounting and finance, procurement, sales, warehouse and production management.
  • Custom developments for tobacco management, including picking and purchasing and classification by classes as well as integration with the distribution system.
  • Implementation of the Cuban localization including Cuban translation, accounting plan and reports required by law.


Company Description:

Cuban-Brazilian joint venture for the production and distribution of cigarettes both in national and international markets. Market leader in the domestic currency CUC (98%). One of the most recognized companies in Cuba, improving its results year by year since its foundation in 1996. Its cigarettes are exported to 5 continents.