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Valoris modernizes its management and strengthens its growth strategy in Mexico thanks to the Openbravo ERP Platform

Valoris achieves higher business agility and strengthens its growth strategy thanks to the adoption of the Openbravo ERP Platform.

"Openbravo is the technology platform that Valoris needs to take control of its operations and data to generate information that allows us to compete in our market, executing growth plans and meeting the challenge of new projects. The value and capacity for survival and growth of a company is in its control of its operations and data processing, which give you the knowledge to make decisions and take risks. "

Ricardo Sanchez Lujano

General Manager.



  • Adoption of a modern, reliable and flexible technology platform that supports business growth strategy.
  • Full support to all business processes including procurement, sales management, warehouse and inventory management, and accounting and financial management.
  • Improved efficiency including in the decision-making process with the ability to access information anytime, anywhere.
  • Higher technological and business flexibility provided by On Demand.
  • Access to local support that guarantees the evolution and maintenance of the system with maximum guarantees.


  • Adoption of a solution that meets the coverage of the current ERP.
  • Access to improved capabilities in terms of support, easy system extension and use of web technology and pay per use.



Valoris decides to replace its previous ERP system EuroWin mainly because of the lack of local support in Mexico and its client / server architecture that is not adapted to the needs of business growth.

  • Valoris chose Openbravo thanks to it being a complete ERP that provides the functionality required for a distribution company and a flexible and cloud-ready web platform.
  • The On Demand deployment option allows Valoris to enjoy a pay per use model and focus on the business, thanks to being a fully managed service, which includes the solution hosting.
  • The implementation process was relatively easy, since a culture of automation and use of technology already existed, so it was almost only a process of training and learning to use the new system.



Valoris is an Elite Distributor of Xerox Mexicana, dedicated to the distribution of equipment, consumables, spare parts and solutions for the management and printing of documents.

Valoris aims to meet the printing needs of businesses in general, with an emphasis on companies that specialize in graphic arts.

Valoris distributes multifunctional printers, consumables, spare parts and various technological products nationwide, from the best brands on the market, from its offices in Monterrey and Mexico City.