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Nome da empresa
Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls streamline their supply chain management and customer service with Openbravo ERP

Johnson Controls Inc., a multinational company, streamline their supply chain management, improves customer service and decision making with Openbravo ERP.

"The Openbravo implementation was key to standardize processes among distributors as part of the company's strategic plan: a complete change to business intelligence, real-time information and key data ready to provide better solutions to our customers.”

Edmundo Lozano

IT Manager Sales & Marketing, Johnson Controls Inc. for Americas.



With Openbravo ERP solution, all information related to the whole supply chain is managed in real-time and is automatically consolidated in a central system. This has allowed having key information available and as a consequence taking important strategic decisions became even faster. Streamline their supply chain management, therefore improve communications and customer service.



In Mexico, Johnson Controls has 120 independent distributors. The challenge was to:

  • Provide a common management system for all distributors with standardized administrative processes.
  • Streamline the supply chain and improving communications.
  • Improve customer service.




  • Johnson Controls chose Openbravo because of its flexible technology that allows adapting the business processes to the corporation needs - thanks to the open source model -, the ability to adopt a model of cloud computing and the affordable costs for its distributors.
  • Openbravo ERP has been implemented in three distributors with different sizes. In the midterm, the objective is to implement Openbravo in 60 distributors and completing the full rollout to cover the 120 dealers nationwide in the long term.


Company Description:

Johnson Controls, Inc. is a multinational company founded in 1885 with presence in more than 150 countries and 168,000 employees. The company serves the construction and automotive industries from three different business units that offer a diverse range of products, services and solutions such us energy and operational efficiency optimization for buildings, as well as automotive batteries or advanced batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.