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IEBS improves its commercial and financial processes resulting in better service and increased business control thanks to the Openbravo Business Suite

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School (IEBS) improves the efficiency of its business and financial processes and acquires greater visibility of business performance thanks to the Openbravo Business Suite.

"Openbravo has allowed us to automate processes and synchronize our learning platform improving our billing and administrative processes. We now have a scalable platform that will allow us to meet future challenges"

Susana López

Operations Director



  • Effective and centralized master data management (students, teachers, directors, creditors, employees, programs, calls), easily and intuitively.
  • Automated calculation of fees and payments to teachers, directors and agents.
  • Automation of the entire billing and collection processes to support the different IEBS billing models available.
  • Support budget management at the departmental level.
  • Reduced time for preparation and submission of tax information.
  • Availability of an analytical model for a performance analysis of every academic program.



  • Simplify the master data management process
  • Improve the commercial end-to-end process, from invoicing to students until the settlement of the various actors as well as related receipts and payments
  • Provide the company with better tools for budgetary and financial management
  • Provide an analysis tool for programs and calls
  • Integrate information for the administrative management of students
  • Have a better support service and maintenance to ensure continuity of operations over time



  • IEBS chose the Openbravo solution because of the functionalities and the flexibility offered by the platform that made it possible to effectively adapt to all its business requirements at a feasible cost.
  • Starting from the standard functionality a number of new features have been developed that helped amongst other benefits to support the complete management of master data or the enhancement of other commercial processes.
  • Also the use of the Spanish professional location has enabled the finance department to better manage all their processes including taxes presentation and legal reports.


Company Description

IEBS, the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School, was born in the midst of global economic crisis thanks to the support of various institutions and foundations, with the aim of providing a new vision and a new way of looking at the business and corporate world. IEBS is the Business School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which bases its training on four key areas: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Sustainability.