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Etam Openbravo ERP Platform
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ETAM International Sourcing
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System in Motion

ETAM International Sourcing (EIS) gains full control over its multi-brand and multi-country operations with the adoption of the Openbravo ERP Platform

Etam International Sourcing (EIS) leverages the flexibility of the Openbravo ERP Platform and gains full control over its multi-brand and multi-country operations.

"Our choice of Openbravo was initially driven by cost and scalability. Starting with a small team in a very competitive market, we needed to consider our IT investment very carefully, yet ensuring the chosen system was reliable, scalable and flexible, not to be stuck with limited system functionalities as the business grew. After stabilizing the system use and our internal processes in China, we were confident enough to move towards the next step with the help of System-In-Motion: we replicated the system in other buying offices in Asia, and gradually integrated other brands within the system. We today benefit from a multi-brand and multi-country system integrated with our Headquarters' system, with the unfailing support of System-In-Motion over the years."

Mehdi Bedadi

Asia IT Director


The use of the Openbravo ERP Platform has allowed EIS to improve the whole sourcing process with automatic integration of procurement data flows from head office SAP.

The system helps ETAM to manage:

  • Synchronization of the order information from SAP at the Head-Office.
  • Product development.
  • Production follow-up.
  • Invoicing.
  • Shipping.
  • Payment.
  • EDI.
  • Integration with the Group's supplier's portal.


Two procurement offices in China and Bangladesh have already adopted this solution.



  • Ensure perfect integration with the SAP system in the Head-Office and all offices.
  • Strategic investment with initial budget limitations, which required to clearly demonstrate in the short term the benefits the new platform could provide now and in the future.
  • Change Management to ensure a successful adoption of a new ERP, coming from a strong culture of using a lot of spreadsheets.




  • EIS chose the Openbravo ERP Platform because of its flexibility to adapt to their key business requirements and easy integration with other applications.
  • A price point that was within their budget range.
  • Openbravo ERP highly flexible and open architecture has allowed EIS to build specific features to the garment and the sourcing industry.



Company Description

Etam International Sourcing (EIS) is a procurement office 100% dedicated to all fashion brands from the Etam Group. Since Etam opened its first lingerie store in Berlin in 1916, it has grown into a global company, active in more than 40 countries, with 4,300 sales outlets, 19,900 employees and 1.215M € net sales in 2013, the Group is a major player in women's fashion around the world through its three brands: Etam, 1.2.3 and Undiz.

Headquartered in Shanghai (China) with a liaison office in Dhaka (Bangladesh), EIS is composed of a multicultural team, and an ever growing network of suppliers, factories and partners all over Asia. EIS is organized in three business lines: woven, knitting, and lingerie, to better address the specific needs of each type of product.