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Massada prepares for expansion and improves the visibility of its operations with Openbravo

massada openbravo commerce suite customer
Nome da empresa Massada País Spain Indústria Saúde, Beleza e Cuidado Pessoal Solução Openbravo Commerce Suite
Parceiro implementador

With the objective of creating a distribution network for its products, Massada has integrated all of its administrative and production management into the Openbravo Commerce Suite, thanks to its functionality, flexibility and user web interface.


  • Quality information improvement by eliminating duplicate information, thanks to single, integrated data across company departments.
  • In-store sales through the Openbravo point of sale (Web POS).
  • Production and inventory management through the available module production and warehousing functionality, with detailed stock and cost control.
  • Improved decision-making process thanks to real-time available information across processes to support their growth plan.



  • Support the expansion of the distribution network.
  • Manage sales of the commercial network across Spain, as well as managing store sales.
  • Production control of the finished products.



  • Masada chose Openbravo's solution due to its flexibility allowing efficient customization to its most specific requirements, its web architecture and at a cost adapted to company needs.
  • The solution covers all corporate processes including accounting and financial management, purchasing, sales, warehousing and production.


Company description

The Natural Therapy Massada is a new concept in the world of beauty and personal care. Tradition and innovation join forces in a unique way of working, with exclusive 100% natural products.

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