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"Openbravo is a powerful back-office application, and is best fitted when deployed with the most suited recommendations of a reliable integrator."

William Li
CTO, Home's Up

"Openbravo is a powerful back-office application, and is best fitted when deployed with the most suited recommendations of a reliable integrator."

William Li, CTO, Home's Up
Nome da empresa
Home's Up
Moveis e Decorações
System in Motion

Groupe Adeo places the Openbravo Commerce Platform at the heart of the new Home’s Up complete multichannel retail solution

Groupe Adeo adopts the Openbravo Commerce Platform as the new Home's Up Order Management System (OMS) for its complete Straight Through Processing (STP) Multi-Channel architecture.

"We selected System-in-Motion because of the flexibility of their solution of choice, namely Openbravo, and because they were the only vendor who convinced us they could deliver the system we needed in the very tight timeframe. A gradual deployment in phases then proved to be the perfect strategy for us, to first assess the commercial potential of the market, and expand our business to multiple online and offline channels. Openbravo is a powerful back-office application, and is best fitted when deployed with the most suited recommendations of a reliable integrator.”

William Li

CTO of Groupe Adeo China


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The use of the Openbravo Commerce Platform as Home’s Up Order Management System (OMS) has allowed Home’s Up to:

  • Achieve a complete integration of all retail channels and required systems.
  • Support to cross-channel scenarios.
  • Get a single view of customer activity across all channels.
  • Modernize physical stores with a web and mobile POS solution.
  • Obtain quick results in 3 months with a fully operative OMS (procurement, first channel with Magento and 3PL integration).
  • Progressive roll out a high performing multi-channel architecture including rest of channels together with innovative cross channel use cases.
  • In addition as the platform is capturing all sales and customer data from all channels, an aggregated reporting system on top of it provides cross channel actionable insights and easy data consumption through MyReport.


  • Ensure a successfully deployment of a complex phased project with expected results in the short time.
  • Build a high performing OMS able to efficiently manage all channels.
  • Find a solution able to securely scale up business scope to the evolving needs of the Chinese consumer market.


After an evaluation process including local solutions an market leaders like Cegid, Home’s Up decided to adopt the Openbravo Commerce Platform as their new OMS system:

  • Adeo chose the Openbravo Commerce Platform because its flexibility to adapt to their key business requirements, easy integration with other applications and rest of channels as long as its open source nature with a broad functional footprint
  • A price point that was within their budget range

Company Description:

Groupe Adeo belongs to the Mulliez family and is the leading French player in the International DIY market. The group manages 28 companies in 13 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, China and Brazil) and 72.000 co-workers serving 256 millions of customers. Companies include several retail networks in Europe, and other parts of the world, such as Leroy Merlin, Bricomart, Aki, Delamaison, Weldom, Deco-Smart, Home’s Up, Zodio or Kozokaza amongst others. Placed 3rd in the international DIY market, 1st in Europe, the companies of Groupe Adeo achieved a turnover of 15.2 billion Euros in 2012.

Groupe Adeo brings to China the pleasure of enhancing living experience by providing high quality decoration items. Making your home unique and build a comfortable environment that reflects your personality is not that easy in a market of mass production and large population. Groupe Adeo first created a social media platform click-jia, to start the discussion with people interested in home decoration. They then started an online shop Home's Up, to sell quality decoration items, and retail spaces in Shanghai. After the launch of their website, they entered several marketplaces.