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Conserve Italia
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Conserve Italia monitors real-time inventory and sales in every shop with Openbravo for Retail

Leading agro-industrial company Conserve Italia implemented the Openbravo for Retail to monitor inventory and sales information in real time in every shop.

"The interface is really usable and, above all, provides a centralized architecture that allows ease of installation and scalability on outlets. In a few hours you can fully equip a store and analyze real-time sales data."

Enrico Parisini

IT Manager at Conserve Italia.



Thanks to the Openbravo for Retail web-based technology and the certified hardware, Conserve Italia is able to monitor the inventory and sales in real time in every shop, using the dashboards included into the Openbravo “Workspace” which also integrates data from their ERP system. Moreover, the easy to use interface allows the operators to start immediately selling without much effort.



  • As the company has several plants spread in different European countries, the challenge was finding a solution that allowed an easy management and control of the farm shops located in each site.
  • To get a platform that was easy to understand and use, quick to develop, capable to integrate with existing systems and localized for all the countries in which the company had sites.



  • Conserve Italia chose Openbravo for Retail solution because of its fully integrated and native web-based technology that allows accessing to all centralized information from anywhere. In addition, Openbravo’s multi-language and multi-legislation capabilities allowed having the system fully localized for all 5 countries.
  • Conserve Italia implemented the POS solution in a pilot plant in 4 weeks, including an integration with the corporate ERP system. The pilot also included some advanced price features, such as discretionary discounts, pack promotions, cross-store product availability and support of on-credit tickets.
  • The project was developed by Extra in collaboration with Peer Network, the historical IT supplier of Conserve Italia, who managed the integration with the existing systems.


Company Description:

Conserve Italia is one of the leading agro-industrial companies operating in Europe, in terms of turnover, volumes and quality, with plants in Italy, France, UK, Spain and Germany. The products distributed are juices and fruit nectars, fruit in syrup, tomato products, canned vegetables and specialty foods.