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Nome da empresa
Cervejas, Vinhos e Destilados

CHEERS leverages its strategy on Openbravo Commerce Suite and its lean and flexible architecture that allows adapting the software to the company business needs

CHEERS chose Openbravo Commerce Suite because of its lean and flexible architecture that allows adapting the software to the company business needs, not the other way around.

"Markets in China are very dynamic and competitive - this requires you to always have a full overview of your business to be able to take fast and effective actions. For us, a wine importer, wholesaler and retailer in China, finding the right IT system for CHEERS is the basis to mastering our business - and very difficult, especially for a young and quickly growing company as ours! We are happy that with System-In-Motion, we have found a knowledgeable and committed partner who adapted proven standard systems to a scalable fit-to-need solution that helps us to sustain our competitive advantage against our competitors. They put our business objectives as a priority and help us to make our customers smile!"

Stefan Schuppisser

Director of Finance - CHEERS



The use of Openbravo Commerce Suite allows CHEERS to:

  • Integrate all business activities in one system.
  • Easily activate and move Point of Sales.
  • Support customer loyalty.
  • Control stocks and movements in real-time.
  • Produce real-time reporting on sales activities across channels using MyReport.
  • Prepare the expansion of its activities through a Franchise program.



  • CHEERS enjoys a high conversion rate with its reward program, which generates big customer database to synchronize across all stores.
  • Internet quality in some of CHEERS' stores is sub-standard and requires a strong offline mode.
  • Most stores record high daily volume of transactions.



CHEERS used a phased approach to gradually cover its business requirements:

  • First, use of Openbravo as Back-Office to manage its Import and Wholesale operations.
  • Then, addition of Openbravo Java POS to replace a local POS solution for its own stores in Beijing.
  • Finally, migration from Java POS to Openbravo WebPOS, with full integration of Openbravo Commerce Suite.

CHEERS has signed strategic franchisee agreements, for a quick growth of their market reach in China, which require the deployment of a global system, for all franchisee, for one or multiple stores.


Company Description

CHEERS was founded and is still managed by wine lovers. It takes its root in a long history of wine trading and a passion for wine drinking. The management is built by Swiss and Chinese and has a very strict policy on quality control. They search for the best price-quality proposal for imported wines to satisfy Chinese customers and friends. They create and maintain a strong culture of customer service, discipline, motivation, enthusiasm and commitment in their staff.

Started as a trading company under the name MQ Wines, the company created its new brand CHEERS from scratch, together with a store concept and customer experience to share their passion for wine with the public. After experiencing with the model in Beijing, with several very successful stores, CHEERS is now opening up its concept to other passionate entrepreneurs, through their franchise program.