Openbravo ERP Platform

Platform to power your ideas for building smart enterprise solutions

Openbravo ERP Platform

Be Differentiated

Adapt the system your way for competitiveness.

Adapt for Competitiveness

  • Leverage broad available functionality that can be easily extended
  • Gain absolute control of customizations thanks to a modular architecture
  • Extend your system by easily integrating with other systems
  • Scale to effectively manage the various stages of growth
Adapt for Competitiveness
Higher staff productivity

Higher Staff Productivity

  • Make data entry faster with multi-tasking and the editable grid
  • Reduce manual work and errors with daily tasks automation
  • Increase team productivity with collaboration tools like notes, attachments or direct document links
  • Enable end users to adapt the user interface to their needs without technical assistance

Unique Business Relationships

  • Share access with trusted partners or customers thanks to being web-based
  • Allow staff to access the system from wherever they are thanks to being web-based
  • Achieve higher operational efficiency by easily integrating with your customers’ or partners’ systems
  • Share key data with your partners and customers thanks to powerful analytics enabling more productive collaboration
Unique business relationships

Be Truly Agile

Be fast and able to effectively adapt to rapidly changing business challenges.

Real-time Visibility

  • Take decisions based on better information with powerful embedded analytics
  • Recover detailed and specific transactional information in seconds
  • Be informed in real-time with alerts associated to many types of business event
  • Leverage long list of available reports, which are very easy to extend or adapt
Real-time Visibility
Mobilized Organization

Mobilized Organization

  • Use the same architecture, simply deploy a new client
  • Lower your hardware costs by using mainstream devices
  • Ensure uninterrupted operations in case of connectivity outage thanks to offline capabilities
  • Leverage existing mobile sales, procurement and warehouse functionality that can be easily extended

Shorter Time-to-market

  • Be faster to set up operations in new geographies or to launch new products
  • Achieve higher development efficiency and a more secure update process thanks to system modularity
  • Centrally create and maintain the user interface through the Application Dictionary
  • Install and uninstall modules very easily with an integrated Module Administration Console
Shorter time-to-market

Be in Control

Be confident and demonstrate the adoption of the right solution, now and in the future.

Affordable Solution

  • Benefit from open source affordability
  • Lower upfront investment thanks to a subscription based pricing
  • Reduce IT maintenance costs thanks to Openbravo’s native web architecture
  • Adopt an On Demand service with monthly fees and hosting included
Affordable Solution
Secured Investment

Secured Investment

  • Have a vendor warranty thanks to professional open source
  • Access to source code from day one thanks to being open source
  • Leverage prior investments with an easy to integrate solution
  • Adopt a future proof technology platform ready to support your growth today and tomorrow

Trusted Partners Network

  • Work with official Openbravo Partners with broad experience to help achieve your goals
  • Access to local knowledge in accounting and reporting requirements
  • Get assistance to evaluate, implement and adapt Openbravo for your unique business needs
  • Benefit from direct support to partners by Openbravo
Trusted partners network