Openbravo Commerce Platform

State-of-the-art commerce solution for agile retailers

Openbravo Commerce Platform
Customer Success Stories

Be Future Store

Provide an enjoyable customer experience in your physical stores.

Flexible and Mobile Point of Sale

  • Open new stores much faster
  • Start processing sales on new terminals in a matter of minutes
  • Adapt and integrate our solution, easily
  • Lower your hardware costs by using mainstream devices
Flexible and mobile point of sale Openbravo
Delightful customer service

Enjoyable Customer Service

  • Offer interactive customer assistance anywhere in your stores
  • Easy product catalogue navigation to find best products adapted to customer preferences
  • Increase cross-selling thanks to real-time information about promotions
  • Increase sales probability thanks to real-time cross-store stock checks

Optimized Store Operations

  • Secure operational control effectively managing approvals and user permissions
  • At all times be in control of goods movements with mobile warehouse solutions
  • Have real-time visibility about cash in each terminal, on hand and pending to receipt stock
  • Profit and loss reporting at store level for performance-based control
Optimized Store Operations

Be Cross-Channel

Provide a seamless shopping experience across multiple retail channels.

Agile Merchandise Management

  • Effectively manage a huge number of references
  • Have real-time visibility of performance in each retail channel
  • Develop and launch promotions and pricing strategies faster
  • Easily adjust prices and promotions to demand fluctuations
Agile Merchandise Management
Efficient online channel integration

Efficient Online Channel Integration

  • Have real-time order visibility as soon as orders are registered
  • Provide accurate product and order information to your online clients
  • Easily integrate with the e-commerce solution of your choice
  • Secure capability to integrate the mobile channel

Seamless Supply Chain Operations

  • Have accurate control of your procurement processes
  • Get real-time stock alerts for replenishment
  • Real-time planning control for picking, packing or shipping activities
  • Efficiently manage customer returns and returns to supplier
Seamless Supply Chain Operations

Be Engaging

Provide the right tools to gain loyalty from your customers, motivate your staff, and get committed partners.

Loyal Customers

  • Improve brand image in physical stores
  • Get real-time data for better and more actionable customer intelligence
  • Build up information for personalized marketing and promotions
  • Extend customer relations by integration with social media
Loyal Customers
Motivated Team

Motivated Team

  • Motivate your store staff by equipping them with a modern mobile store solution
  • Better decision making and more visibility of performance thanks to powerful analytics
  • Leverage prior investments and lower your cost base
  • Enjoy a future-proof technology platform already today

Committed Partners

  • Achieve higher operational efficiency thanks to easy integration with external systems
  • Offer your partners direct access thanks to being a web-based solution
  • Effectively analyze partners' performance thanks to detailed transactional information
  • Powerful analytics enables you to easily share business information with your partners
Committed partners