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Promantia becomes Indian localizer and makes a profitable business around Openbravo

Company name Promantia Country India
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Over the last 4 years Promantia have customized Openbravo ERP for clients in Australia, China, Columbia, Qatar, South Africa and UAE besides India.

Promantia's clients range from Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing companies to Retail and Not-for-Profit organizations.


Why Openbravo

Hari Madhavan, Technology Director at Promantia, talks to us to explain the Openbravo experience:

"In 2010 we were looking to build business solutions for small and medium businesses in India researching about multiple ERP products, opensource products, and we chose Openbravo because they have a credible and visible plan, the road map, and the monthly releases which all in all gave us the confidence". "Being able to have a platform to build business solutions on top of for our customers was also very important".


About the Partnership and the Product

"Significant announcements have been made over the last few years: usability, mobile capabilities, html, analytics, POS, and that has had a great impact on our business. But more important than this, are the people. We have had a great experience working with different people, getting support, debating points, asking questions, providing feedback, influencing by being part of the partner committee. It is great to work with this passionate team because they care about the product and they are able to adapt to challenging situations".



"Now we are an official localizer in India and we have built a profitable business in the last 4 years around Openbravo; we have a great level of engagement that I hope will move forward over the years.".