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Extra becomes Italian localizer and makes a profitable business around Openbravo

Company name Extra Country Italy
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Extra was founded in 2006 - in Pisa, Italy (the home of the first Italian electronic calculator), and has since become a qualified ICT player, building a strong reputation for itself in just a short period of time.

Their services are divided into three main areas:

  • Software development based Open Source technologies
  • Software development of custom applications
  • Outsourcing services



Why Get Started with Openbravo?

Back in 2006 Extra foresaw a great business opportunity in the SME market in Italy with Opensource solutions due to their affordability. After a careful evaluation of a number of solutions in the ERP industry, they decided on Openbravo. In 2010 they decided to become Official Openbravo Partners. Today Extra is Gold Partner and official localizer in Italy.


Main Values in the Partnership with Openbravo:

The Product:

As Andrea Feraco Director of Openbravo Business Unit at Extra says "today many potential customers ask for Openbravo which obviously greatly facilitates the sales process. And this is due to a key feature of all Openbravo solutions: being able to adjust to the customer needs and not the other way around." For Extra customers, being a web-based solution, having a subscription model to keep costs under control, the usability, meeting local requirements and yet being international, the flexibility, scalability and affordability of the product are also very important.


The Partnership Program:

"It is very important for us to work with a well-known international brand because customers can rely on us as a partner" says Andrea.
"Being part of the Openbravo Ecosystem is very important to us. We actively collaborate with some other partners in other countries to develop solutions that will finally benefit the whole community since the solutions evolve a lot faster.".

Finally, "Openbravo sells 100% through partners so we find permanent support in all areas: technical, presales, consultancy, marketing and sales.".



Today Extra is Gold Partner and official localizer of Openbravo in Italy, has achieved a sustainable and growing business practice around Openbravo and counts on a number of important customers in the automotive, travel and fashion industries.