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Agility ERP successfully serves large and complex enterprise clients in the US

Company name Agility ERP Country United States
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Openbravo Partner Spotlight - Agility ERP - USA

Openbravo has enjoyed success in establishing large, enterprise grade customers through our strategic channel partners. One such partnership is with Agility ERP in the United States. Agility ERP has been an Openbravo Gold Partner since 2008, works with some of the largest Openbravo deployments and has been continuously recognized as an Openbravo "Partner of the Year".

In addition to this partner spotlight, Openbravo recently interviewed John Fandl, VP of Enterprise Solutions at Agility ERP to discuss their experiences as an Openbravo Gold Partner which is available for online listening: John Fandl - Openbravo and Agility ERP.


About Agility ERP

Agility ERP is an Openbravo Gold Partner headquartered near Boston, MA and with a corporate presence in Raleigh, NC and Chennai, India. Their mission is to help companies improve efficiency in business software deployment while achieving functional differentiation and remaining adaptive to future changes. Agility ERP provides consulting, development, deployment and support services to its clients, with primary focus on the rapid delivery of enterprise-grade solutions which are affordable, sustainable and molded to specific business needs.

Agility ERP typical clients range from $50M to over $1B in annual revenues and generally are suppliers of products and services to a wide range of industries and markets. These businesses need rapid availability of a solution and prefer a more progressive approach over the slow "big bang" approach favored by legacy ERP (deployments which are typically out-of-date before they ever go-live).


Why Openbravo?

Agility ERP is all about delivering rapid and sustainable business value, and Openbravo helps Agility fulfil this brand promise to its customers and marketplace. In the end it is about execution, and with Openbravo's functional footprint, model-driven architecture and modularity capabilities, Agility ERP can execute better to deliver customers exactly what they want and need from the system.

Agility ERP has enjoyed a productive partnership with Openbravo since 2008. Because enterprise software is mission critical to Agility ERP clients, it was essential to find a partner that is very mature, responsive and commercial friendly - Openbravo uniquely fit this profile.

Agility ERP has regularly engaged Openbravo in the development of new features and platform functionality through the collaborative / sponsored development programs with large customers. Agility also appreciates how Openbravo has evolved over the years to align with the needs of large and complex enterprise deployments.

As summarized by John Fandl: "In 2008 it was apparent that the web had taken over the enterprise app space, and we were excited about Openbravo's vision: a native web business application platform built on mainstream open technologies like Java and Javascript. Also, the licensing and pricing were commercially friendly, which was very important to our clients. Since Openbravo met our requirements from the functional, technical and commercial perspectives, we went with it and have not looked back".


What is the importance of Openbravo for Agility ERP customers?

Fandl summarized: "Openbravo can be molded to meet the needs of our customers. For our business it is critical to have that flexibility to adapt to customer real business process requirements. Client needs also change over time and Openbravo lets us help our customers' business & IT stay aligned into the future."

Another important benefit is that Openbravo is not just limited to ERP deployments. The Openbravo platform allows Agility ERP to rapidly prototype and quickly deliver a broad range of enterprise application solutions to their clients. Such solutions have been deployed in eLearning, product quality assurance, advanced asset tracking, asset maintenance and mobile (field based) contract management.

Fandl continued: "In the last 2 years we have seen the platform expanding so much, with significant feature sets added like the mobile framework, webPOS and other retail functionality; also, embedded analytics as well as improvements in performance and scalability. A lot of that has been done in collaborative development with Agility ERP for our large customers."