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Openbravo drives our organization to become more competitive to fulfill our customer needs and strengthens our slogan "Serving is our vocation"

Patricio Roel
General Manager, ARR Corporativo

We've had a great experience working with Openbravo.

John Coble
CTO of the Logistics & Engineering Solutions, SAIC

The Openbravo implementation was key to standardize processes among distributors as part of the company's strategic plan.

Edmundo Lozano
IT Manager, Sales & Marketing, Johnson Controls
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customer success stories

Find out how businesses are using Openbravo solutions and how they have improved their business results.

openbravo inversiones pucara
Inversiones Pucara

Inversiones Pucara efficiently integrates the management of all departments and gains higher visibility into its financial performance thanks to the functionality and flexibility provided by the Openbravo Business Suite.

openbravo brascuba

Brascuba, the leading cigarette company in the CUC currency market in Cuba, modernizes its systems and efficiently integrates all processes thanks to the functionality and flexibility offered by the Openbravo Business Suite.

Etam Openbravo ERP Platform
ETAM International Sourcing

Etam International Sourcing (EIS) leverages the flexibility of the Openbravo ERP Platform and gains full control over its multi-brand and multi-country operations.


Valoris achieves higher business agility and strengthens its growth strategy thanks to the adoption of the Openbravo ERP Platform.

San Remo Openbravo Commerce Platform
San Remo Latin

San Remo Latin integrates all processes and improves customer service and decision making thanks to Openbravo


Metal manufacturer Aligent better manages its operations and get better visibility and decision making thanks to the flexibility of Openbravo ERP.