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Openbravo Java POS

Openbravo Legal (Java POS)


Openbravo POS is part of the Openbravo for Retail solution. Two different deployment options are available, as a web solution (Openbravo Web POS) or as a Java stand alone application (Openbravo Java POS). This documentation refers only to the Openbravo Java POS deployment option.

Openbravo Java POS is open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later.

More specific issues regarding licensing may be found in the following "Openbravo Java POS Licensing FAQs".

If you have any additional doubts or wish to enquire about particular licensing issues please contact our Legal Department at legal@openbravo.com.


Openbravo Java POS Licensing FAQs

How are the core components of Openbravo Java POS software licensed?

Openbravo Java POS is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later.
The original General Public License version 3.0 can be found at: http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html.


Why did Openbravo choose the GPL?

Openbravo Java POS started out life as TinaPOS (later LibrePOS) and since then has been distributed under the GPL, a popular copyleft license that requires any distribution of the software and any modification to be carried under the same license.


How can I incorporate Openbravo Java POS in a proprietary software offering?

For those who wish to incorporate Openbravo Java POS into products with more restrictive licensing terms, we are open to discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis. Please do not hesitate to contact us at legal@openbravo.com.


Does Openbravo comply with standard attribution "etiquette"?

We at Openbravo believe strongly in code attribution. Not only do we believe that original developers and contributors have moral rights to be recognized as authors of the software, but also we believe that developers - both intermediaries and end-users - must have the means to know the history of the software components they are using. Therefore all original attribution notices in the source code must be kept, and developers' modifications must be highlighted by adding new attribution notices (including change logs) for the derivative works they produce.

In addition, we believe it is important to both us and users for these to know where the POS software they are using comes from, and for this reason we include our "Powered by Openbravo" logo on the GUI and on log-in screens.


Do I need to consider any special trademark regarding the Openbravo®?

Openbravo® is a registered trademark in Spain and several other countries. Our trademarks are important to us, to distinguish our product and maintain the quality and reputation of our business. Trademarks must be strictly enforced, in order to preserve their validity and value, and protect users in the market. Accordingly, use of our Trademarks, including the Openbravo name and logo, is subject to our Trademark policy indicating what you can do with them and when you need permission to use them. Please read this document, together with our license, carefully if you are redistributing Openbravo, in binary or source code form. Generally speaking,

  • Do not use our trademarks in a way that states or suggests that Openbravo sponsors, endorses, or is otherwise affiliated with your project or product, including text on your webpage or in your product documentation, without our consent (license).
  • While referential use of our trademarks (such as in a product review or website link) does not need our consent, however you should follow the policy guidelines as to how to mention "Openbravo".
  • Please include text stating the product "includes Openbravo software" on any packaging or other physical means of distributing the Openbravo Java POS software.

Please read "Trademark Guidelines" and "Trademark Policy" documents for more details.


How may I contribute to the development of Openbravo Java POS?

Contributions to the code base are welcome, including bug fixes and new developments, although they will not necessarily be included in the source tree.

However, if we do want to include a contribution into our source tree, we need to be sure that we can use it under our current free software license, other alternative licenses that may be requested now or in the future, or commercial terms. Accordingly we would request contributors of significant code to be incorporated into the core product to make it available to us under the standard contributor's agreement, giving us freedom to use the code and maintaining your rights to exploit it.

A copy of the Openbravo Contribution Agreement can be found here.