Openbravo Education launches its Summer Campaign

During the month of August, Openbravo Education offers its flagship courses at a price of only 499EUR. Seize the opportunity and learn more about Openbravo today!

Barcelona, 2nd August 2012 – In the spirit of the recent Openbravo for Retail release, we would like to announce a big summer sale of the flagship training courses offered by Openbravo Education. During the month of August, the following online courses are available at a price of only 499EUR*, a discount of up to 55%!
  • Basic Functional Course - Take your first steps with Openbravo and evaluate and learn the functionality it supports out of the box. Next session: September 10th.
  • Basic Technical Course - Learn how to deploy and configure your first Openbravo instance. Next session: September 3rd.
  • Advanced Development Course - Become an expert in Openbravo rapid development platform and implement sophisticated modules and solutions. Next session: September 3rd.

If you are an experienced Openbravoer, make sure you check out the brand new Enteprise modeling and accounting configuration course and learn how to configure Openbravo to reflect your company’s structure and accounting specifics!

To sign up or get more information on our training and certification offering and the upcoming schedule, visit this page or contact us directly at Enroll into a training that fits your profile to secure your spot today!
* Price and currency varies depending on your geographic region.