New Tutorials

New tutorials are available on: SqlC, XML engine, Creating accounts files, Creating new entries, Creating new windows!

Pamplona, Spain - June 5th, 2006. The Openbravo development team has dedicated lots of time to the creation of new tutorials to help improve your ability to interact with the system. The tutorials will serve as a good starting point for developers that are new to the Openbravo community. Since documentation is one of our highest priorities, you can expect many more tutorials in near future.
SqlC - This tutorial explains how to use SqlC: a tool that builds a java class from a file with SQL statements.
XML engine - This tutorial contains a detailed description of how to use the XmlEngine: a component of Openbravo's MVC framework used in Openbravo ERP and other web applications.
Creating accounts files - This tutorial discusses the creation and configuration of the files used to import account schemes and client accounts.
Creating new entities - This tutorial shows how to create new entities.
Creating new windows - This tutorial shows how to create a new application window in Openbravo ERP.
All tutorials are posted at SourceForge and at the following path: Product > Technology > Documentation.