Low entry cost of ERP On Demand increases adoption

Openbravo estimates that ERP entry cost is reduced by up to 90% with on demand deployment option

San Francisco – October 29th, 2012 - Openbravo, the leading provider of browser-based open source business applications for the cloud, has announced increasing adoption of its Openbravo On Demand deployment option for its solutions. One of the key reasons, according to company, is that the entry cost – hardware and licenses - is reduced by as much as 90% when companies choose this deployment option. The major benefits of deploying with the cloud services approach include:
  • Immediate access to a fully tuned ERP instance, with no hardware to buy or maintain
  • Full service operations , including monitoring, automated hardware provisioning and backups
  • Lowest cost of entry with monthly payment based on use
  • Ability to add/remove users or cancel at any time
  • Freedom to transition to a self-serve cloud or on premise deployment if desired

In Openbravo’s case, the last point is also key to the increase in on demand adoption. The flexible, customer-centric approach combines the full service and ROI of on demand with the control, cost and adaptability benefits of open source--avoiding the lock-in and high cost inherent in SaaS-only solutions.
One company that has taken the on demand ERP plunge is Springside Cheese Corporation, a family-owned cheese producer in Wisconsin. Nathan R. Hintz, Vice President, Technology & Compliance, explained that Springside’s passion is to carry on the family legacy of producing the finest hand-crafted, natural cheeses.
Regarding his Openbravo On Demand deployment with ClearDrop, an Openbravo Gold partner in Chicago, Nathan said: "The on demand deployment option offered by ClearDrop has definitely worked as advertised. We are growing and needed to launch the business system quickly and with minimal IT staff--so for someone like us, starting with Openbravo on Demand was a no-brainer. The fact that we are not locked in to the on demand approach and can keep our options open for on premise was an important part of our decision".
Javier Rivera, Senior Consultant at ClearDrop, added: "Openbravo on Demand is the most recent deployment option from Openbravo, and we find it very useful across the board. It is great for short term pilot and proof of concept scenarios, and also allows us to securely access and support our customers’ production systems from a central dashboard. The on demand platform takes care of the hardware and technical details, allowing ClearDrop to focus on what we do best--providing cost-effective, best-fit solutions that deliver superior business value for our customers.
All Openbravo solutions are distributed exclusively through Openbravo Partners. For more information about Openbravo on Demand, as well as the full range of Openbravo deployment options, visit Openbravos’s website.