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Shine Star
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Shine Star integrates all logistic and financial processes and improves its ability to service large customers thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

"Openbravo's scalability has allowed us to adapt to an ever-evolving marketplace. Integration with a custom built e-commerce platform, personalised management of data, and external reporting has all been made possible due to Openbravo's intrinsic flexibility and the support of our development partner Precognis."

Jyotish H. Chugani

CTO Shinestar



  • Increased operational efficiency in all departments through integration of all its processes
  • Detailed visibility of stock levels in real-time
  • Detailed cost information that allows for a more accurate stock valuation
  • Optimization of accounting and financial tasks by integrating information from other areas and automating related business processes
  • Shorter time-to-market when launching new products
  • Agile creation of discounts and greater visibility of their application to customers
  • Improved service to online customers through greater efficiency in order management and complete, consistent product and pricing information that is centrally managed from the Backoffice
  • Improved response to managing a large volume of transactions needed to serve large customers, thanks to the implementation of EDI



  • Provide better visibility into the performance of all internal departments
  • Gain business agility in the face of changes and expected future growth
  • Integrate the online store
  • Count on a better IT support service and maintenance to ensure continuity of operations over time



  • Shine Star chose the Openbravo solution because of the functionalities and flexibility offered by the platform that made it possible to effectively adapt to all its business requirements at a feasible cost.
  • The adoption of the promotions and discounts module has enabled a flexible functionality for defining new promotions and the subsequent monitoring of their application to customers.
  • The development of the module to support EDI has increased the capacity to manage a large number of orders, which is key in serving large customers.
  • The improvements implemented in product management for modification and / or massive creation have also reduced the time needed to launch new products.
  • The flexibility of the solution has enabled easy integration with the e-commerce platform to better manage the online orders.


Company Description

Shine Star is a distribution company, created in 1991, whose business is the commercialization of consoles, video games and accessories of major brands. Shine Star is a leader in the Spanish market, being the main wholesaler specialized in video games and consoles for the family business, buying groups, and appliances chains.