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Bassols integrates the activity of all its business areas and increases its capacity and quality of order management thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite

Bassols Openbravo Commerce Suite
Azienda Bassols Paese Spain Industria Mobili e Arredamento Casa Soluzione Openbravo Business Suite
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Bassols integrates all of its logistics and financial processes and prepares to support its growth plan thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

"We chose Openbravo due to its technology platform, its extensive textile functionality and ease in adapting some specific requirements, such as the calculation of fabric consumption according to the layout of pieces in the cut ..., which has been developed in the ERP itself. As a result now the whole company works only with Openbravo, we have simplified our processes, improved response times and are prepared to address the new growth and internationalization projects we have planned."

Manolo Castillo

Director of Processes and Systems




  • Increased capacity to process a higher number of orders.
  • Shorter delivery times, thanks to better information and real-time inventory status visibility.
  • Integration of different eCommerce platforms into a single system, allowing greater consistency in product, pricing and order information that is centrally managed.
  • Reduction of errors in picking and packing processes as well as increased efficiency through the use of mobile devices in the warehouse.
  • Integration into a single system of all activities from different business areas, adapted to specific requirements.
  • New fully integrated production system in just four months.



  • Integrate all activities and eCommerce platforms into a single system.
  • More agile creation of products, both in the creation of new collections and to sell to the Hospitality industry, that requires the creation of complete product records (manufacturing data, compositions, size and color variants, ...) immediately.
  • Get detailed control of manufacturing through efficient management of external workshops, to plan the different orders, workshop allocation and stock control easily.
  • Achieve greater visibility of current and future stock to respond more effectively to immediate and repeat orders.
  • Migrate three successful initial databases, which included repeat business and logistical data to become managed under a single system.



  • Bassols chose the Openbravo solution for the complete coverage of their business needs and particularities of the sector through a full vertical integration developed by Practics, supported by the flexibility offered by its technology platform, which has also reduced the project time to 4 months.
  • Bassols valued the interoperability of the Openbravo platform very positively for easy integration with any platform like Magento, MarketPlace Rakuten or external logistics operators.
  • The possibility of deployment in the cloud as a service allows Bassols to eliminate the need to purchase technological infrastructure and focus on the business.
  • Specific features available as part of the textile vertical (PStyle by Practics):
    • Creation of new collections, from idea to design, materials and fabrics, data sheet, seasonal rates, rapid creation of variants with BOM from a model.
    • Order Entry in matrix form by color, cup size ... by product.
    • Management of external workshops, delivery and receipt of production orders and the planning of them.
    • EDI integration.
    • Complete picking and packing mobile functionality (reading barcodes, label printing and shipping documents, allocation of boxes for packaging, integration with carrier). See it in action in this video.


Company Description

Bassols' history starts in 1790 with the first 100% linen factory in Spain. In 1883 the company expanded with a new factory in Barcelona incorporating mechanical looms.

Winner of the Gold Medal at the Universal Exposition in Barcelona in 1888 and also in 1929 at the International Exposition in Barcelona, the company was recognized for the quality of its products.

The company continued its strong growth and in 1980 the first integral home textile collection was born. Following this,1992 marked its national and international expansion into new sectors such as catering, fashion and interior design, which are today consolidated as business units within the company and internationally recognized.