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Total Lighting Supply clients openbravo commerce suite
Total Lighting Supply
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Total Lighting Supply streamlines its supply chain management processes and achieves higher efficiency thanks to Openbravo

Total Lighting Supply (TLS) improves the efficiency of its supply chain operations to support the growing activity of its 12 web stores thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Platform.

"I am amazed by Openbravo's capability to adapt flexibly to our custom requirements. No other software would have given us this much value for our money. We are very pleased with Cleardrop's credit service to spread our investment over the first year."

Daniel Schmierer




  • Shorter time-to-market when launching new products that are created in the central backoffice and automatically synchronized and made available to the selected web stores (12 in total).
  • Improved supply chain management that provides better stock and replenishment control for thousands of SKUs including product variants and configurable products.
  • Higher merchandise agility that provides higher product information consistency and pricing consistency as well as effective assortment management for all web shops with seamless integration provided by the Magento connector.
  • Complete order fulfillment from the moment the order is received from the web shop including picking, packing, invoicing and goods shipment.
  • Faster and more accurate shipment process including integration with different carriers through iabol, a leading multi-carrier shipping solution in US.
  • Cut the purchase lead time dramatically with drop shipment for large volume orders that are shipped directly from supplier to customer.



  • Increase the efficiency of operations for their 12 web shops to be able to process higher volumes with the same resource pool.
  • Effective management of thousands of products.


  • TLS chose Openbravo because of its flexibility and its capacity to effectively support from a single backend the required processes for its 12 web shops.
  • Integration with all Magento web shops is fully guaranteed with the Cleardrop Magento Connector.
  • Integration with iabol provides the required support to work with multiple carriers.
  • Integration with wireless Zebra printers for labelling during the shipment process help to speed up the overall shipment process thus allowing to process a higher number of shipments per day.


Company Description

Total Lighting Supply is not just about selling light bulbs, light fixtures and light components. TLS manages its variety of product groups and customer bases from 12 webshops and its warehouse in Rio Rancho, NM. TLS is also about helping customers achieve amazing and successful lighting results in both their business and home. If customers want their lighting to aid their sales force and boost sales or lighting to provide their home with security and beauty from the inside out, TLS is the partner of choice.