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SC Soft

SC Soft
108 Pasir Panjang Road, #03-09
118535 Golden Agri Plaza

SC Soft is a reputable software company with presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia; riding on the world recognised open source ERP, technologies and related solutions.
Solutions offered based on open source are mostly platform independence, and widely implemented and used in more than 50 countries.

Our solutions offer can vary from standard solution to highly customized solutions, this including Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), Material Planning Requisition system (MRP), production planning/scheduling system (MPS), product/item management system, full sales to deliver system, order to receiving system, chain stores retail system inclusive of financial, warehousing to POS, customized portal solutions and customization of analytic reports etc. Our software is more affordable and cost effective for small to medium size companies (SME), and our solution helps you to largely reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

We provide top-notch enterprise software solutions and services to assure you high level of project implementation success and a definite ROI (Return on Investment). Our core competency is in delivering customer centric professional service, quality software solutions, on time and always.

Our customers in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia are ready to make testament to our quality work delivered, affordable prices, meticulous development and timely delivery.

Clients du partenaire


Metal manufacturer Aligent better manages its operations and get better visibility and decision making thanks to the flexibility of Openbravo ERP.


Thanks to SC Soft Pte Ltd, they are able to custom-tailor Openbravo ERP to suit our needs, including merging all departments' work into one web-based application to greatly improve our efficiency.


MilWorks provides product & system ODM/OEM design and manufacturing services to prime contractors in the defense, aerospace and industrial markets. They needed a scalable and flexible ERP solution to suit its business objective of high work productivity in its design and manufacturing units.

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