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Waiser scientific
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Waiser scientific improves customer service and becomes more agile with the flexible Openbravo ERP Platform.

Waiser scientific, a dynamic, daring and young company improves customer service and achieves higher agility with the flexible Openbravo ERP platform.

“With Openbravo ERP it is now easier for us to access remote information and get a better picture of a process status during customer interaction. This enables us to provide a better customer service with accurate and real time information. Higher data quality and process automation have improved our operations as well and provided more time to monitor our business performance and react faster to any unforeseen event”

Julio Mota
Waiser scientific Commercial Manager



  • Single source of truth thanks to a full integration of all business areas within the company
  • Mobility in carrying out daily activities
  • Better quality of information and process automation which helps to reduce defects and reworking
  • Billing automation with the use of electronic invoices and integrated bank billing which reduces manual labor
  • Standardization of internal processes
  • Secure and efficient information access based on a role based security system
  • Better customer service
  • Increased employee productivity thanks to an easy to learn and use intuitive user interface with multitasking and collaboration features
  • Protected investment thanks to its open source nature



  • Employees' adaptation to a new business management system in a short time
  • Provide personalized information to each user based on their function
  • Stand out in the marketplace and deliver higher value to customers



  • Waiser scientific chose Openbravo ERP because of its web architecture, modern user interface and affordability
  • It has allowed a better visibility into business performance thanks to a full integration of all business processes and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Its flexibility has allowed effective adaptation to specific business requirements at a lower cost


Company Description:

Waiser scientific has been operating in the scientific community since 1999. It provides the market with great experience in its sector, supplying its customers with technical and volumetric glassware samples, drawings and catalogues (own production and laboratory accredited to the RBC / INMETRO ) , scientific equipment , analytical instrumentation , testing , culture media and laboratory materials in general, working mainly within the area of quality control , development , research and production.