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openbravo inversiones pucara
Inversiones Pucara
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Inversiones Pucara integrates all processes and achieves better financial control thanks to Openbravo

Inversiones Pucara efficiently integrates the management of all departments and gains higher visibility into its financial performance thanks to the functionality and flexibility provided by the Openbravo Business Suite.

"With Openbravo now we have complete visibility of the activity of the company in a centralized manner and in real time, accessible from anywhere, allowing us to improve our operations, customer service and to be better prepared to support our expected growth."




  • Improvement of information quality with the elimination of duplicated data, thanks to a unique source of truth shared by all company departments.
  • Single view of customers and suppliers, including sales and purchases information as well as claims, promotional events...
  • Improved margin control through the availability of detailed information of each sales and purchase operation.
  • Improved decision making process thanks to available real-time information of all processes.



  • Have a single source of truth for all company processes.
  • Integrate Warehouse information from logistics operators.
  • Manage and plan for tasks of each resource.
  • Adopt a solution that can be validated by the customs service.



  • Inversiones Pucara chose Openbravo due to its flexibility, which caters to their most specific requirements efficiently, its web architecture and a price point that was within their budget range.
  • The solution gives support to all corporate processes including accounting and financials, procurement, sales and warehouse management.
  • Additional customized functionality for integration with the logistics operator , tasks management, bids management, marketing events and claims.


Company Description:

Inversiones Pucara SA (IPSA) was born in Panama in 1982 and settled in Cuba in late 1997, dedicated to the marketing and distribution of a wide range of high quality consumer products. In just a decade, IPSA has established itself as one of the most respected and remarkable importers of food and drinks of the island.