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Aligent better manages and controls its operations with the flexible Openbravo ERP solution

Metal manufacturer Aligent better manages its operations and get better visibility and decision making thanks to the flexibility of Openbravo ERP.

"We chose Openbravo ERP because of its flexibility that can be easily adapted to customer needs. The better visibility, control and decision making that the solution provides was key to lead us to another level of art of manufacturing".

Mr. Koh L.Y.

General Manager of Aligent.



Openbravo ERP enables us to better manage and control our operations and lead us to another level of art of manufacturing.




  • Aligent's manufacturing operations are very complex.
  • Manage over 700 products in different quantities to be produced and shipped monthly.
  • Manage over 300 customers and around 2000 active items.




  • Aligent chose Openbravo ERP because its flexibility and the functionality that can be adapted to serve different customer needs.
  • The company implemented Financials, Sales, Procurement, Warehouse Management, Mobile Warehouse & Operations, MRP and Production Management with significant amount of enhancements mainly for Production/Material Management.


Company Description:

Aligent Spring Pte Ltd is a manufacturer of high-quality springs. The manufacturing process involves using different sizes of wire and sheet material, and to transform them into different kind of spring products.