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Materiales Amezcua clients openbravo commerce suite
Materiales Amezcua
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Materiales Amezcua improves its Customer Service and Operations in all Stores thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Platform

Materiales Amezcua improves its customer service and achieves better inventory control thanks to higher operational efficiency in all stores , with the adoption of the Openbravo Commerce Platform.

"Thanks to the Openbravo solution our inventory is now reliable in all our stores".

Mirella Cruz, Stores Manager at Materiales Amezcua


  • Centralized sales and invoicing control
  • Higher merchandise management agility with better management of products and pricing information
  • Improved shopping experience thanks to a modern and easy to use point of sale (POS) solution, Openbravo Web POS, with support to all business required functionalities
  • Higher stock control and visibility across all locations thanks to higher supply chain management efficiency
  • Quick results with points of sale going live only two weeks after the start of the project
  • Higher business agility provided by the Openbravo On Demand solution with cloud deployment and transparent infrastructure management


  • Increase the efficiency of management in all sales and inventory operations
  • Centralize information from all their physical stores (currently 2 )
  • Improve customer shopping experience in the physical store


  • Materiales Amezcua chose the Openbravo Commerce Platform due to its flexibility and full web architecture that makes it possible to work with a browser only and with no additional software at each workstation
  • The flexibility of the point of sale solution for providing a better service and shopping experience was also highly valued
  • The degree of flexibility and functionality of the solution made it possible to go live only two weeks after the start of the project

Company Description

Materials Amezcua is a company dedicated to providing materials and marble ornaments and other construction materials with over 20 years´ presence in the market. It offers granite and (domestic and imported) marble; quarries, slate, clay, Talavera pottery, lattices, adhesives and sealants.