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License - Business Model

License / Business Model

Openbravo is committed to providing:

  • the greatest choice to our paying customers,
  • the most freedom to our open source community, and
  • the most opportunity to our partners.

To fulfill these commitments we offer an “everyone wins” business model, based on proven commercial principles and backed by two primary complementary software licenses--one open source and one commercial.

Always Open Core

Openbravo’s core application platform and related open source modules are released under the Openbravo Public License, a commercial friendly open source license which provides full freedom to view and modify the source code without coercive / viral restrictions. This license supports our global open source community of thousands of open source enthusiasts, ERP consultants, students, and business partners, who collaborate with Openbravo’s world class development team to continually develop and improve Openbravo’s core platform and business functionality. The amazing people who invest their time and energy in Openbravo appreciate the full freedom our license provides.

Full Commercial Choice

While open source provides incredible value at the core platform level, deep business functionality and vertical specialization are required to deliver world class business solutions to the mid market. Openbravo unlocks this exciting global opportunity by providing its partners the option of delivering premium functionality through commercial software modules licensed through the Openbravo Commercial License. This license protects the intellectual property of the partner (author), while providing full source code modifications rights to the end customer.

Openbravo POS

Openbravo POS is part of the Openbravo for Retail solution. Two different deployment options are available, as a web solution (Openbravo Web POS) or as a Java stand-alone application (Openbravo Java POS). Openbravo Web POS is just another Openbravo 3 commercial module, and therefore it follows the same license model described before. Openbravo Java POS is based on client-side java technology that is hosted and sponsored by Openbravo. Openbravo Java POS started out life as TinaPOS (later LibrePOS) and since then has been distributed under the GPL, a popular copyleft license that requires any distribution of the software and any modification to be carried under the same license. Openbravo Java POS is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or later. The original General Public License version 3.0 can be found at: http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/gpl.html. For more information about Openbravo Java POS licensing, please review this Openbravo Java POS licensing FAQ.

More About Legal

More information about Openbravo licensing can be found here. Trademark use guidelines can be found here. For any legal questions, please contact our Legal Department at legal@openbravo.com.