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Depique strengthens its new openings plan and offers better customer service with the Openbravo Commerce Suite

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Entreprise Depique Pays Spain Industrie Articles de Sport Solution Openbravo Commerce Suite
Partenaire implanteur

Depique achieves greater agility to open new stores, gains higher visibility into sales and inventory and delivers improved customer service thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Suite.

"We adopted Openbravo prematurely, but it has turned out to be a key decision, which has enabled us to be better prepared to support the expected growth and to provide an improved in-store shopping experience to our customers".

Iván Llonch

Partner and Manager



  • Real-time centralized information about sales and stock requirements in all stores that allows inventory forecasting and optimizes investments in material purchasing.
  • Modern store solution that makes it possible to offer an improved customer shopping experience.
  • Fast-deployment solution that helps to ensure the execution of the store openings plan.



  • Improve store operations.
  • Optimize procurement and efficiency of inventory management.
  • Support the store openings plan.




Company Description:

Depique is a company dedicated to the distribution and sales of golf sporting goods that works with golf professionals including an important team of fitters and clubmakers. The company has stores in cities and golf courses to offer expert advice to its customers.