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Canpire integrates online and offline channels and achieves higher agility thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Platform

canpire client openbravo commerce suite
Entreprise Canpire Pays Germany Industrie Autres Détaillants Spécialisés Solution Openbravo Commerce Platform

Canpire modernizes its retail management system and achieves higher business agility thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Platform and Openbravo On Demand.

"I can easily push new products to the POS and thanks to Cleardrop's Magento Connector they are immediately available on my web shop as well. It's big step forward to be able to manage a single stock location administratively for on and offline business knowing that the stock count is always current."

Mario "Klark Kent" Laugell




  • Higher merchandise agility that provides product information and pricing consistency across online and offline thanks to the seamless integration provided by the Magento connector.
  • Shorter time-to-market when launching new products that are created in the back office and automatically synchronized and made available to the store and the web.
  • Modern and easy to use Openbravo Web POS solution.
  • Improved supply chain management that provides consistently up-to-date stock and improved replenishment of more than 400 SKUs through re-order point planning. The purchase planning module creates purchase orders for the correct quantities at the right time at the touch of a button.
  • Higher business agility provided by the On Demand deployment option.


  • Adopt a solution that effectively integrates the Montana Store and its web store Canpire to be manageable with little overhead.
  • Adopt a store solution with a cool design adapted to the brand image.
  • Provide its employees with a smooth user experience.


  • Canpire chose the Openbravo Commerce Platform because of its flexibility and its capacity to effectively integrate online and offline channels.
  • Canpire decided to go for the On Demand deployment option in order to gain higher business agility and be more focused in the business as well as providing a more affordable solution for the business.
  • The modern Openbravo Web POS provides the required functionality for the physical store as well as an image fully aligned with the brand.
  • Integration with the Magento system that supports the web store is fully guaranteed by the Cleardrop Magento Connector.


Company Description

Mario "Klark Kent" Laugell is an internationally established graffiti artist. His work is published in numerous magazines and books and has been shown in several exhibitions worldwide. He is a member of the Montana Writers Team, a group sponsored by Montana Cans, a spray paint manufacturer. The same manufacturer that carries a color named after the artist. In 2009 Mario recognized that there was a lack of professional spray paint supplies in the Rhein-Mainregion in Germany. Hence the decision was taken to start up a Montana brand store and web shop carrying over 400 different colors of paint and merchandise.