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Bazar Electrónico Satélite improves its Customer Service and successfully integrates its Online Store thanks to the Openbravo Commerce Platform

Bazar Electrónico Satélite client openbravo commerce suite
Entreprise Bazar Electrónico Satélite Pays Mexico Industrie Autres Détaillants Spécialisés Solution Openbravo Commerce Platform

Bazar Electrónico Satélite improves its customer service thanks to higher operational efficiency in all stores, detailed inventory control in all locations and integration of the online channel, with the adoption of the Openbravo Commerce Platform.

"Openbravo's solution has allowed us to increase our sales agility at the point of sale as well as to achieve more detailed control of all our operations in all stores".

Julio Cesar Gloria, IT Manager at Bazar Electrónico Satélite.



  • Higher merchandising agility, which provides stronger product and pricing information consistency across channels, both online and offline
  • Easy integration with the online store for online orders
  • Modern and easy to use web and mobile point of sale, Openbravo Web POS, providing support to all required business requirements such as IMEI management
  • Deeper stock control and visibility across all locations thanks to higher supply chain management efficiency
  • Solution fully adapted to Telcel operational procedures
  • Higher business agility provided by the OnDemand deployment option



  • Increase efficiency in all sales and inventory operations
  • Centralize information from all physical stores (7 currently)
  • Integrate the online store



  • Bazar Electrónico Satélite chose the Openbravo Commerce Platform due to the ease of use of its point of sale solution (POS), its capacity to integrate the operations of all stores and the online channel as well as the flexibility provided by the On Demand model
  • The POS solution provides the required functionality to the stores and a modern image to the customers
  • The development of a connector with its Magento system ensures integration with its online store


Company Description

Bazar Electrónico Satélite is an authorized Telcel dealer with over 15 years experience in the Mexican market.