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Trademark Use Guidelines

Openbravo® is a registered trademark in Spain, the USA and several other countries of Openbravo, SLU ("we" or "us"). Our trademarks are important to us as a company and we are under an obligation to protect them and the value they represent. They are also of value to users of our software, to distinguish the quality and reputation of our products and services from those distributed by other companies, including those distributing modifications of our code. We must therefore strictly enforce our trademark rights to keep them valid and to protect the expectations and trust of the users of our products and services.

Here we summarise what you can do with our trademarks, including what you can do without further authorisation from us and when you must seek our permission to use them.

Please note that in addition to the policy document linked to below, our license contains certain recognition and attribution obligations that we feel are fair, reasonable, and consistent with industry practice. Therefore, please read those requirements and the document below on use of our trademarks.

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1. Trademark and attribution policy - Summary


In summary:

  • You can use the "Openbravo" trademark in accordance with these guidelines or with our permission.
  • You must maintain or include the "Powered by Openbravo" logo on any user interface where it appears in the original code and on screens presented at start-up of any program including Openbravo software.
  • Express permission is required to use the "Openbravo" trademarks in any software titles or software services (including SaaS services) other than the software we provide, or in any top level domain name or social media account (Twitter, Vimeo, etc.). So if you modify our software, or provide services relating to our software, please give your product and services a new name or brand that does not include "Openbravo".
  • If you are producing software, content or creating services for use with Openbravo software, you may use the "Openbravo" mark as a reference to the product or our company, but must avoid any implication of endorsement by us.
  • Similarly, you can use the trademark in discussion, commentary, criticism or parody, provided that you do not imply endorsement by us.
  • You can write articles, create websites, blogs or talk about Openbravo, provided that it is clear that you are in no way speaking for or on behalf of our company (Openbravo, S.L.U.) and that you do not imply endorsement by us.
  • If you want to use the Openbravo mark outside what is permitted there, please contact us.



2. Use of the trademarks and attribution within the software


Please follow the following rules, depending on your use:

  • Redistribution of the code without modification, and internal use with or without modification: If you use or redistribute our code without modification, you must not remove our trademarks (including "Powered by Openbravo" logo) from the code. You must state that the software is Openbravo software, and include the notices as set out in the license. This applies if you also modify and use the code internally within your organization.
  • Modifying and distributing the code: If you have modified our software, for example adding any extensions or modifying the MDD, and intend to redistribute it to third parties, please change the name of the software and you should include a notice (in a prominent place on the packaging and "about" windows for the software) stating: "This product includes software used under license from Openbravo, S.L.U., but it is not an Openbravo product and has not been tested, endorsed, or approved by Openbravo, S.L.U. or any of its affiliates." You should not, however, remove our logos or attribution notices from the software (in particular the GUI/About boxes-windows)



3. Use of our branding items (trademark and logos)


In all cases where you use our trademarks and or logos in other circumstances, you should follow the guidelines below.

  • Do not use our trademarks or logos in a way that states or suggests that we sponsor, endorse, or are otherwise affiliated with your project or product, without a formal license from us. We will consider such licenses on a case-by-case basis, but we may not grant you such a license.
  • No formal license agreement is necessary if you wish to make purely informational reference to our trademarks (such as in a product review), but even informational references should follow our trademark guidelines.
  • You must also follow these guidelines if you link to Unless we have agreed otherwise, you must make it clear that you are not endorsed by or affiliated with us, but are simply linking to our site.
  • Do not use our trademark in a domain name, online social or professional network account name or user. This does not prevent use of the trademark in the content of the website or account, in accordance with our policy.
  • Our trademarks should only be used as adjectives followed by a generic noun - for instance, "Openbravo software" or "Openbravo Business Suite".
  • Do not change the spelling and syntax of our trademarks: do not abbreviate or use an acronym (e.g. "OB").



4. Trademarks in text and other materials


When you want to refer to us using our trademarks in texts, promotional materials, presentations, etc., please follow the following guidelines:

  • The first or most prominent mention of our "Openbravo" trademark in the text, web page or other material should be accompanied by the ® symbol, in subscript.
  • Thereafter, you do not need to use the ® symbol and any other symbol or wording that under your local laws may be a manner to refer to a trademark (such as TM) with every use of our name
  • Nearby (e.g. at the bottom of the corresponding web page, or in a "legal notice" page or similar) in typeface large enough to read, you should include an asterisk next to the following text: "Openbravo is a trademark of Openbravo S.L.U. and is used under license."


Please refer to the more detailed Trademark Policy.


Updated on 30th April 2015