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ranking cliente suite de comercio de openbravo
Línea de producto
Artículos y materiales deportivos
SMF Consulting

Ranking was born in 2000 with the idea of creating comprehensive resource guides to facilitate product localization for professionals in Spain dedicated to the world of education and sport. Nowadays it is a national leader in the sale of sports equipment to schools, sports centers, and teams.

Los retos

Ranking developed a mixed business model (catalogue / web) which made it possible to reach thousands of customers and needed a new solution that would allow it to manage a growing number of orders with an increasing degree of complexity.

Ranking needed a system which could manage a large volume of detailed data on contacts and intermediaries; automate order entry and shipping daily processes for better efficiency and productivity; and manage stock with reservations, multiple locations and serial numbers.

Caso Cliente Openbravo - Ranking - Retos


Openbravo´s flexible, web-based architecture allowed Ranking to adapt the solution to their specific requirements at a cost proportionate to their needs. The solution supports all corporate processes including accounting and financial management, purchasing, sales, warehouse and production. Customizations were developed for contact management and integration with logistics operators.

Caso Cliente Openbravo - Ranking - Solución

Los resultados

The company was able to integrate several systems including online orders received directly in Openbravo; automated order initiation through logistics operators; notification via SMS to customers with information regarding orders, offers, etc.; and electronic invoicing for customers in public administration.

The quality of information improved by eliminating duplicated information once a single, integrated system was established across all company departments. The decision-making process was greatly improved thanks to real-time available information across all processes.

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