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Offerum multiplies the number of transactions and boosts their expansion with the adaptable Openbravo ERP solution

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Company name Offerum Country Spain Industry Other Specialty Retailers Solution Openbravo Commerce Platform

Leisure industry leader Offerum has simplified their operations, multiplied the number of transactions and boosted their expansion thanks to Openbravo ERP.

"At Offerum we carry out thousands of different transactions with different payment methods. We also pay the suppliers for each campaign in installments, which implies to manage these financial items carefully. One of the key reasons why we chose Openbravo over other suppliers is because the software is much more flexible and easier to personalize. Openbravo has not only allowed us to simplify our own operational procedures, it has also helped us with our international expansion plans: it is a multi-currency, multi-language solution which can be easily scaled up to include new offices and countries".

Cristian Gámez

CFO Offerum



Openbravo ERP has enabled Offerum to achieve substantial benefits such as:

  • Multiplying the volume of transactions without having to increase its organizational structure.
  • Financial, accounting and tax processes management optimization.
  • Improved productivity and reduced numbers of errors, thereby improving overall customer satisfaction.



  • Offerum needed a management system equipped with a comprehensive financial management tool for grouping the offers, providing information on the campaigns and managing collections and payments with suppliers and banks.
  • Offerum also needed a system to integrate seamlessly with its online sales platform, and to be personalized easily to adapt to the special characteristics of its E-Commerce business. This integration is critical to efficiently managing the thousands of transactions Offerum carries out, having greater control over them and providing support to increase revenues.




  • Offerum implemented Openbravo ERP with the modules of finance and accounting, purchasing and sales management.
  • Offerum also implemented a fully automated integration of Offerum's E-Commerce platform with Openbravo ERP with the help of web services, allowing all campaigns, suppliers, vouchers sales, returns, payment to suppliers and banks and sales forecasts to be brought together in one single place.


Company Description:

Offerum is an Internet retailer which sells different offers for leisure activities (restaurants, hotels, photography, tour operators, etc.) in the form of discount vouchers on its webpage and e-mails to a large number of subscribers.