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Optimizing processes for increasing sales and efficiency

"Openbravo improved the quality of our order management and reduced processing time, both critical aspects to successfully meet the expected sales growth..."

Daniel Garcia, CTO and Founder
Sivasdescalzo Openbravo Commerce Suite Customer
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Young, fast-growing company gains global following

sivasdescalzo is an online shop for sneakers specializing in reissues of vintage sneakers and and limited editions of exclusive models such as Nike Air Max, Nike Air Huarache, Adidas NMD or Adidas Ultraboost among others. The company also carries brands ASICS, Puma, Vans, Jordan and Reebok. In addition, it offers a versatile selection of fashionable clothes and sneakers as well as sunglasses and other accessories.

Today, sivasdescalzo has stores in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, spaces that offer a new shopping experience in which fashion lovers will feel at home while experiencing the latest trends. The company meets the needs of its international customers using an integrated business model coupled with express delivery service and worldwide shipping.


The Challenges


Integration and scalability to support projected growth

Following their rapid growth, sivasdescalzo needed a new solution that would increase the efficiency of its operations and prepare it for a new phase of growth.

The company required more agility for the management and launch of new products as well as for increasing order management capacity, particulary for eCommerce, achieving greater cost control and, ultimately, increasing profit margins. Ensuring accurate inventory information to both online and brick-and-mortar shoppers was considered essential for improving customer service and increasing sales opportunities.

Openbravo Customer Story - sivasdescalzo - Challenges

The Solution


Integration of all processes and communication with brands

Openbravo offered sivasdescalzo a complete and integrated solution for the management of online and offline sales, purchases, warehouse management and finance, including specific customizations such as the ability to manage products by size, brand and model for US, Europe, the UK and Japan.

To support online sales, Openbravo was integrated with Magento and a selection of logistics operators. The solution was customized to automatically select the best operator for each order based on cost optimization criteria.

In terms of purchasing, Openbravo was integrated with Sportmas, a platform designed to facilitate the collaboration between retailers and brands, and enabled features such as the automatic capture of product catalogs and purchase orders.

Openbravo Customer Story - sivasdescalzo - Solution

"Furthermore, Openbravo has given us greater control over our logistical costs, which has been key to improving our profitability."

Daniel Garcia, CTO and Founder

The Results


Greater agility and cost optimization

The integration and automation of order management processes allowed sivasdescalzo to increase its capacity for a greater number of daily orders and with lower costs, thanks to the automatic selection in each case of the best logistics provider.

The company achieved greater agility in the management of products, particularly owing to the perfect communication with the brands via Openbravo's integration with the Sportmas platform, helping the company optimize the entire purchasing process.

Openbravo also provided the company with much more detailed and accurate information of the inventory in all its locations, which could be offered to both sellers and customers, thereby increasing the possibility of sales.

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