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Grup Pollyanna

Leveraging technology to increase efficiency and build stronger relationships with customers

Grup Pollyanna
Company Name
Grup Pollyanna
Product Line

Established fashion retailer leverages tech flexibility 
to support omnichannel strategy

The Pollyanna Group opened its first store in 1977 in the heart of Andorra la Vella, and today the well-established retailer comprises nine fashion stores for men, women and children, all located in the commercial centers of Escaldes and Andorra la Vella.

Pollyanna Group is known for spotting the latest trends and selecting from the best contemporary fashion brands to create own curated style and exclusive atmosphere. It works daily with its team to offer the best service and personalized attention to its customers.

The Challenges

Seeking a modern POS solution with real-time, seamless integration

Several objectives were set for this project. First, the company wanted its own corporate ERP system that could integrate all business units and give them real-time visibility of their activities, which would allow them to analyze sales data in real time and adapt faster to any changes in demand.

The Pollyanna Group needed a platform that could easily be adapted to sector and business-specific needs, such as Andorra’s banking specifications and regulations. It hoped to simplify and save in terms of infrastructure, technological resources, and time required for system administration and maintenance.

The company also wanted to manage promotions and personalized services more effectively and seamlessly across channels – including gift cards, its customer loyalty program, and New Baby Registry.

Grup Pollyanna | Openbravo

The Solution

Integration of sales, inventory, and customers

Openbravo began working with Grup Pollyanna at the beginning of 2017. The project was implemented in approximately 6.5 months, starting with the confirmation of the requirements and the development of a prototype until the migration of data and finally go live.

The solution is fully integrated to manage your store operations, customer management, inventory management and finance. Includes real-time visibility of sales, inventory and merchandise management, and replenishment. The solution provides the ability to monitor sales and finances in real time.

Customer data is managed to reinforce your personalization services through all channels, including gift cards, customer loyalty program, and Newborn Lists, which are intended to help make Pollyanna baby stores a one-stop shop for new parents.

Grup Pollyanna | Openbravo

The Results

Increased efficiency and savings in costs and resources

Since the implementation of the Openbravo Commerce Suite, the unified platform has helped optimize operations and processes across all business units, and significant savings have been achieved in terms of administration and maintenance.

Improved inventory management and faster product launch

The Pollyanna Group has seen the benefits of real-time visibility of sales and integration with inventory management and replenishment. The merchandise management functionality has made it easier to categorize new products hierarchically and reduced launch times for products and pricing across stores.

Better cost control and responsiveness to changes in demand

The ability to monitor sales and financials has helped the company adapt more quickly to changes in demand and ultimately avoid duplication, overstock, and unnecessary costs. It has also helped manage and communicate with multiple brands and suppliers more efficiently.

More opportunities to strengthen connection with customers

The solution has particularly helped grow the New Baby Registry, building a stronger relationship with customers both online and at the POS. The new POS solution allows store associates to access customer information at the point of sale and assist them more effectively, whether they are making a return, scheduling a delivery, holding an item, consulting their registry or using credits from their customer loyalty program.

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