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Added order management capacity and prepared for rapid growth

"I would recommend Openbravo to any company running retail operations, whether they are a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer."

Iván Llonch, Founder
Patadon Openbravo Commerce Suite Customer
Company Name
Product Line
Sporting Goods
SMF Consulting

Passionate about golf, fashion and shoes

People say that the best ideas come from identifying a need or scarcity within a field, and this idea has everything to do with how Patadon originated. Dream shoes for golfers existed, but none of them were easily accessible. Intent on filling this gap, Patadon.com was conceived as an online store offering the largest supply of golf shoes available. In addition to online sales, Patadon also operates shoe outlets on-site several golf courses in Spain.

The Challenges


Managing more daily orders and improving inventory management

With an innovative business model and aggressive expansion plan for Spain, Patadon required a new management system that was able support the expected growth in sales for their online and physical channels.

This required improved capacity to manage a large number of online orders and to improve stock control and visibility at each physical location.

Openbravo Customer Story - Patadon - Challenges

The Solution


Scalable, omnichannel, and capable of supporting future growth plans

Openbravo offered full support to all corporate processes including offline sales, online sales through integration with Magento and Amazon including integration with various logistics operators nationwide (SEUR, DHL and MRW), purchasing, warehousing, financials and accounting.

Openbravo Customer Story - Patadon - Solution

"We analyzed other options but chose the Openbravo solution for its flexibility. Today, Openbravo acts as the 'brain' in Patadon, be it in the back office for analytics and metrics, the POS for store operations, or the integration with Magento and Amazon, for managing our online sales."

Iván Llonch, Founder

The Results


Improved inventory visibility and more efficient logistics increase customer satisfaction

The flexibility of the Openbravo solution allowed Patadon to visualize and execute their business model with the capacity of integrating multiple channels and managing hundreds of daily orders from their online store, Patadon.com, quickly and efficiently.

Integration with logistics operators allowed to reduce costs and thanks to an improved inventory management the company was also able to reduce the stock needed at each point of sale as well to increase customer satisfaction.

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stock replenishment
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