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Achieving real-time store operations visibility; fully prepared for future growth

"With Openbravo, all transactions are registered instantly, our stores connect to our server and register transactions in real time, so we know at every moment what the situation is and can take decisions in an agile way."

José Bernardo Noblejas, General Manager
Ortoprono openbravo commerce suite customer
Company Name
Product Line
Health and Personal Care

Improving quality of life with orthopedics since 1969

Founded in 1969, Ortoprono professionals are dedicated to the manufacture and adaptation of products and services of orthopedics, technical aids and rehabilitation technologies. Experts work closely with health professionals to design treatments for areas such as sports performance improvement, functional rehabilitation after illness or work accident, and improving the quality of life of people in situations of dependency.

The Challenges


Accomodating legacy technologies, simplifying operations, and improving analytics

Ortoprono needed a solution that would support business growth, streamline the complexity of its structure and day-to-day supervision, and still recognize obsolete and incompatible technologies which were still being used. The company wanted to achieve greater visibility into operations in each of the stores and improve its analytical capabilities and decision-making process to enhance their business management.

Openbravo Customer Story - Cheers - Challenges

The Solution


Customized, cost-effective solution designed to meet current and future needs

Openbravo provided an open, web-based, modular and adaptable ERP solution that offered maximum flexibility to meet its business needs and at an affordable cost to the company. The cost of the solution and the project was adapted to the expectations of the company, and a solution was created to cover all current and future needs and specific requirements.

Openbravo Customer Story - Cheers - Solution

The Results


More efficiency, better customer care, cost savings, and overstock control

Ortoprono was able to obtain an integral and real-time view of the activity for all stores, including purchases, sales and inventory. Automating the invoicing process for the sale of each product to customers and Health Services saved them a great deal of time and resources.

Staff could now access detailed information across all sales channels, from bulk hospital supplies to direct-to-consumer sales in each of the stores. The information included where and when the item was sold, along with patient name and details, including orthopedic history, cash savings and payment methods.

The company was also able to achieve a higher standard of stock control in each store, allowing for inventory movements between stores to reduce overall purchase costs and avoid the accumulation of overstock at any location. And finally, the company was able to access and analyze real-time data trends more easily and use the insight to identify the most interesting areas for opening new stores.

Inventory Visibility
Overall Purchase Costs
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