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Higher visibility of operations, future-ready solution

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Company Name
Product Line
Health and Personal Care
SMF Consulting

Making the daily work easier to beauty professionals

Massada offers a complete line of products and treatments that enables development and operation of the Beauty Center or Medical-Aesthetic Clinic. Scrubs and cleansing milks, high quality anti-aging products and effective body slimming products are part of the portfolio designed for the esthetician. Ongoing counseling and closeness are part of Massada to make the daily work easier to beauty professionals. The whole organization is orientated to help achieve its goal of satisfaction and loyalty of their customers.

The Challenges


From production to sales, integration and scalability needed

Massada was looking to support the expansion of their distribution network as well as manage production and controls of the finished products.

The company also needed to manage sales across a commercial network of stores and distributors across Spain.

Openbravo Customer Story - Massada - Challenges

The Solution


Platform integrates business and operations for production to store

Openbravo's flexibility allowed for customizations which met the company's industry-specific requirements as well as its web architecture and cost-effectiveness.

The company adopted the Openbravo Commerce Suite as its new web-based POS store solution and central back office system to cover all corporate processes including accounting and financial management, purchasing, sales, warehousing and production.

Openbravo Customer Story - Massada - Solution

The Results


Centralized system streamlines operations, reduces errors and saves time

The new solution has vastly improved the decision-making process, whilst supporting and evolving in step with their growth plan.

With the objective of creating a distribution network for its products, Massada was able to integrate all of its administrative and production management, thanks to Openbravo's functional modules, flexibility and web-based user interface.

Production and warehousing functionalities helped the company manage inventory and maintain detailed stock and cost control.

The quality of information also improved by eliminating duplications, thanks to single, centralized data storage that can be accessed and respectively updated in real time by all company departments.

operations from production to sales
errors and duplication
warehouse and distribution
for growth strategy
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