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Advancing omnichannel strategy and achieving greater operational control and efficiency

"Openbravo is a real-time management solution, and this allows us through a single installation in the Cloud, to simplify system administration for our headquarters, warehouses and retail outlets."

Jordi Lluis Vilar, CEO
openbravo commerce suite la bolsera
Company Name
La Bolsera
Product Line
Other Specialty

100 years of highly differentiated product lines in stationary and packaging

Originally, La Bolsera was founded in 1919 in Barcelona's Raval district under the name of Industrial Bolsera. The trademark was changed to Commercial Bolsera in 1977, and again renamed La Bolsera in 2000. The business has been able to focus and improve on two highly differentiated product lines: packaging items and celebration supplies.

The company continues to set the standard in the sector and maintains a chain of stores and franchises, handling more than 200,000 annual visits in its Barcelona flagship store alone.

The Challenges


Improving inventory management and accelerating omnichannel strategy

To keep up with the evolution of customers buying habits and criteria, La Bolsera needed to adapt its corporate strategy and make changes at a structural level as well as in terms of resources, product catalogue and reorientation of outlets. The revitalization of its existing management system was considered central to their evolving strategy.

The company was looking to unify their management needs under a single solution. They also wanted to simplify and save on infrastructure and technology resources. La Bolsera wanted to extend their existing ERP solution to meet needs at both the point-of-sale and in other key processes such as warehouse management. They needed a solution that would allow easy adaptation to sector-specific characteristics and needs.

Openbravo Customer Story - La Bolsera - Challenges

The Solution


Omnichannel solution with agile merchandise management and eCommerce integration

La Bolsera successfully unified physical and online store operations into a single system that provides full support to sales, pruchasing, inventory and financials management.

The flexibility, adaptability and broad functional scope of the Openbravo Commerce Suite enabled them to effectively manage over 40,000 products across seven stores and achieve over 50,000 sales a month in high season.

Openbravo Customer Story - La Bolsera - Solution

"Openbravo is a real-time cloud-based management solution which allows us to simplify system administration for our headquarters, warehouses and retail outlets. This saves us a great deal of resources and time, as well as conventional IT infrastructures, ultimately allowing us to spend most of our resources on sales instead of on mere administrative procedures."

Jordi Lluis Vilar, CEO

The Results


Easier merchandise management and assisted sales capabilities to sell more products

With their new omnichannel solution, La Bolsera was able to introduce new products and prices much faster and in a more consistent manner across all channels. The new solution enabled La Bolsera to provide a unified shopping experience for their omnichannel shoppers across all sales channels -- physical stores, eCommerce, and even direct sales made on their customers' premises.

In addition, staff could easily access real-time sales, inventory and financial information for all stores on demand.

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