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Boosting sales by 60% with business integration

"Openbravo has allowed us to standardize processes and streamline the methodology, controlling high levels of operations, which has greatly facilitated the growth we are experiencing."

Xavier Pladellorens, CEO
Company Name
Product Line
Sporting Goods

A leading online store for cycling and running products in Southern Europe

Founded in 2010, Deporvillage is today a leading online store for specialized products for cycling, running, outdoor, swimming, triathlon and fitness across Southern Europe. Since its inception, the company has expanded into four countries - Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Today, Deporvillage continues to provide customers with competitive pricing, prompt customer service, and fast delivery for over 40,000 products and more than 400 top brands. While they are primarily an e-commerce business, they operate several pop-up stores per year and are currently planning to open an outlet location in the near future.

The Challenges

Achieving growth objective of 150% over two years

Before Openbravo was implemented, the company used a Magento server which was customized with extensions to manage the supply and integration with logistics operators. However, the increasing volume and complexity of the business was fast outgrowing the limitations of this system. The use of spreadsheets and other tools which were not integrated with the process were becoming less reliable and management costs were multiplying.

Deporvillage needed scalability and ease of use, and the company looked for a unified platform which could integrate sales, finance, accounting, customer management, inventory management, procurement and logistics and would provide better tools for accurate demand forecasting and automated replenishment.


Deporvillage | Openbravo | Challenges

The Solution

Ensuring scalability and interoperability

Deporvillage chose Openbravo because it provided a flexible solution that was very easy to adapt and integrate. The system offered a scalable information system capable of meeting current needs and capable of evolving at the same pace as the company's growth.

Openbravo provided Deporvillage with a single, integrated platform for their operations which could communicate with external systems including Magento (eCommerce) and ESBO (Logistics). The company also implemented Openbravo's POS solution for pop-up stores and special events.


Up and Running in 6 months

Implementation was divided into two phases, and they system was up and running in 6 months. Invoicing, purchasing, sales, finance and accounting were integrated in the first phase. Integration with eCommerce, operations, logistics and MRP were integrated in the second phase, including custom developments to support business-specific algorithms that automated the whole purchasing process.

Deporvillage | Openbravo | Solution

The Results

Increased sales by 60% through business integration

Since the introduction of Openbravo, Deporvillage has increased sales by 60% in 2017, using Openbravo in all areas and achieving integration between sales, logistics and financials.


Enhanced shopping experience and customer service

Deporvillage was able to integrate easily with the necessary tools to close the supply chain circuit and gained agility throughout the business, which improved the performance of the website and enabled greater focus on customer service.


Improved purchasing and replenishment process

Automated with the company's own business algorithms, the replenishment and purchasing processes have become more accurate, reliable and efficient, and the company communicates more easily with its suppliers.


Greater visibility and operational control

Thanks to a centralized system the company gained greater visibility into all processes, which enabled new validation and traceability processes across all operations that saved time and reduced errors, like for example a significant reduction in the number of incidents in shipments and stock breakages.

"We have gained agility in the whole process, especially for purchasing and replenishment, automating with our own business algorithms and communicating more easily with suppliers."

Àngel Corcuera, COO
Shopping Experience and Customer Service
Purchasing and Replenishment
Sales by 60%
Operational Control
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