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Augmenting efficiency and agility to drive growth

"Depique has two main challenges for the future: the international expansion of the business, and the digitalization of the company. Openbravo is a great tool for addressing these two challenges, and this is why we recommend Openbravo for any type of retailer who wants to innovate and grow.”

Carlos Foulquié, CEO
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Company Name
Product Line
Sporting Goods
SMF Consulting

More than 20 years of experience in the world of golf

What began in 1997 as a small repair and sale workshop for custom golf clubs in Barcelona has now become one of the leading chains for golf products in Spain. Depique brings all golfing enthusiasts closer to the expertise, technology and gear that was previously available only to professionals.

The company offers a wide range of products marketed through its online channel and its brick-and-mortar stores located in the city as well as on golf courses themselves. Depique is also dedicated to providing expert services and guidance to players, including an urban golf academy in Barcelona.

The Challenges


Obtaining higher agility and quality control

Following the growth achieved in recent years, Depique required a new solution capable of consolidating the company's positioning and supporting a new phase of growth with strategic objectives such as digitalization and the internationalization of the business.

Depique wanted a new solution that would allow for greater control of operations both in the stores and the plant, including detailed visibility of inventory and sales and a more agile management of its more than 40,000 references. They needed a system that would be very easy to use and deploy, thus facilitating the expansion plans of the company to new locations.

Openbravo Customer Story : depique - Challenges

The Solution


Integrated solution, from point-of-sale to headquarters

Openbravo provided Depique with a fully integrated solution, from the point of sale to the plant. Depique has today a detailed and real-time visibility of sales and stocks in all stores that has enabled optimizing the calculation of inventory needs and thus the costs of purchases. The solution offers full support for in-store operations, product management, logistics, purchasing management, finance and accounting.

Openbravo Customer Story - depique - Solution

"We work with over 40,000 products and multiple warehouses. All of that requires a different kind of management and a different kind of vision. We thought Openbravo was the ideal partner to make that jump."

Carlos Foulquié, CEO

The Results


Optimized operations and better customer service

Thanks to Openbravo, Depique now has detailed and real-time visibility of sales and stock in all stores, which has made it possible to improve demand forecasting and optimize your investment in inventory purchases.

In stores, Depique enjoys a modern solution, with solid functionality for assisted sales, which can be accessed from mobile devices and used deliver an enhanced shopping experience. The architecture of the solution also allows for quick and easy deployment, effectively supporting the company plans for new openings.

precision of inventory forecasts
management of 40,000+ products
customer service
inventory purchases
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