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Supporting growth plans and innovating more at the point of sale

"Thanks to Openbravo we adopted a modern solution capable of effectively addressing our Retail business requirements whilst being well aligned with our budget."

Vincent Dufromont, CIO, Decathlon Sports India
decathlon Openbravo Commerce Suite customer
Company Name
Decathlon Sports India
Consumer Goods
Product Line
Sporting Goods

Making sport accessible for everyone

Staying true to their primary mission of making sport accessible to as many people as they can, Decathlon is one of the world's leading sporting goods retailers, with over 1,000 stores in 30 countries. Founded in 1976 in Lille, France, Decathlon today sells products catering to more than 70 sports.

Decathlon's unique value is rooted in its capacity to design, manufacture and sell its own products belonging to more than 20 Decathlon brands, each dedicated to a specific sport.

Innovation is an important part of everything the company does. It continuously explores and researches new products, concepts and event ideas to continuously improve the experience of sports enthusiasts.

The Challenges


Robust, affordable, flexible and scalable solution with advanced functionalities needed

Decathlon Sports India has long understood the importance of a retail solution in managing their growing business and the advantage that an open source retail solution could bring.

The company was looking for an affordable solution which would update their existing one and provide enhanced functionalities capable of supporting the company's aggressive growth strategy in India during the coming years. They wanted to provide stores with a much more modern POS solution, flexible enough to be adapted to the most specific business requirements.

Openbravo Customer Story - Decathlon Sports India - Challenges

The Solution


Modern, full web retail solution to support rapid growth

Openbravo was able to work within Decathlon Sports India's budget and provide a modern and omnichannel solution with the flexibility to adapt to the company's key business requirements and integrate easily with other applications.

Today, Openbravo supports over 60 physical stores in India, with a modern POS solution that includes integration with existing systems such as eCommerce platform, gift cards platform or central SAP system and support to key capabilities such as RFID at the point of sale to offer a faster check-out experience.

Openbravo Customer Story - Decathlon Sports India - Solution

"We feel Openbravo will be a key software provider to help achieve our ambitious retail growth plans in India for the years to come. This confidence is based on the promise of the solution and the strong commitment shown by the Openbravo team in building the pillars of the long-term partnership between Decathlon Sports India and Openbravo."

Vincent Dufromont, CIO, Decathlon Sports India

The Results


Better shopping experience and greater scalability

The adoption of Openbravo allowed Decathlon Sports India to secure their aggresive expansion plan. Thanks to Openbravo's modular arquitecture, new stores can be now set up in a matter of hours, dramatically reducing the total preparation time and costs.

The company was also able to integrate easily with existing systems and improve the in-store shopping experience thanks to key features such as RFID and the option to use POS from mobile devices.

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Multi-store Management
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In-store Shopping Experience
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