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Lean and flexible architecture facilitates adaptation to business needs

"Markets in China are very dynamic and competitive. You must always have a full view of your business in order to take fast and effective action."

Stefan Schuppisser, Director of Finance
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Company Name
Product Line
Food and Beverage
System in Motion

Joint venture created for wine-lovers, by wine-lovers

CHEERS was founded and managed by wine lovers, rooted in a long history of wine trade. Starting as a trading company called MQ Wines, the company built its new brand together around a store concept dedicated to sharing their passion for wine with the public. The company strives to stock imported wines with a high price-to-quality ratio and to foster a strong culture of customer service, discipline, motivation, enthusiasm and commitment in their staff.

After building their model store in Beijing, CHEERS now operates several successful stores and has implemented a franchise program to make its concept available to other passionate entrepreneurs.

The Challenges


High number of customers and transactions, global distribution and quality control

Most CHEERS stores process a high volume of daily transactions. Internet quality is intermittent in some locations, so the company was looking for a solution with strong offline capabilities.

To propel growth in their China market, CHEERS required the deployment of a global distribution system to all new franchises possessing one or more stores, in the most agile and efficient way possible. The company also enjoys a high conversion rate with its loyalty program, which required them to manage a large customer database synchronized across all stores.

As a joint enterprise between Swiss and Chinese management, the company has a very meticulous quality control policy.

Openbravo Customer Story - Cheers - Challenges

The Solution


Seamless transition with phased implementation

The lean and flexible architecture of the Openbravo Commerce Suite allows them to adapt the software for their business needs, not the other way around. CHEERS used a phased approach to gradually cover its business requirements.

First, Openbravo was set up to manage its import and wholesale operations. The Openbravo Java POS was implemented in their Beijing stores, then later migrated to the Openbravo Web POS to enjoy a fully integrated system.

Openbravo Customer Story - Cheers - Solution

"As a wine importer, wholesaler and retailer in China, finding the right IT system for CHEERS is the basis to mastering our business - and very difficult, especially for a young and fast-growing company such as ours."

Stefan Schuppisser, Director of Finance

The Results


Improved customer service and secured expansion plans

The use of Openbravo now allows CHEERS to manage all business activities in one system, including the ability to control stocks and movements in real-time and produce real-time reporting on sales activities across channels.

In addition, CHEERS can now easily accommodate new franchises and keep up with their expansion plans. The Mobile POS allows employees to move freely on the floor to support customer needs, make sales, and manage their customers' loyalty program.

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