Openbravo Customer Success Stories

Explore the Openbravo customer success stories to find out how businesses are using
our solutions and how they have improved their organizations.

  • Johnson Controls openbravo solution
    Johnson Controls

    Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) is a multinational company from the automotive and construction industries founded in 1885 with presence in more than 150 countries and 168,000 employees. JCI chose Openbravo to implement a common management system for all distributors with standardized administrative processes that allows streamlining the supply chain and improving communication and customer service. "The Openbravo implementation was key to standardize processes among distributors as part of the company's strategic plan: a complete change to business intelligence, real-time information and key data ready to provide better solutions to our customers.” Edmundo Lozano, IT Manager, Sales & Marketing, Johnson Controls Inc. for Americas.

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  • Offerum openbravo solution

    “Here at Offerum we carry out thousands of different transactions with different methods of payment. We also pay the suppliers for each campaign in installments, which means that have to manage these finances carefully. One of the key reasons why we chose Openbravo over other suppliers is because the software is much more flexible and easier to personalize. Openbravo has not only allowed us to simplify our own operational procedures, it has also helped us with our international expansion plans: it is a multi-currency, multilanguage solution which can be easily scaled up to include new offices and countries”. - Cristian Gámez, CFO Offerum

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  • Venky's Feed openbravo solution
    Venky's Feed

    Venky’s is a forerunner among poultry feed brands in India. The multibillion $ company is often considered ”the father” of Indian Poultry Industry. Using Openbravo since 2010, in India and Bangladesh. They wanted to have a single solution to manage all operations (distribution, inventory, financials and manufacturing) as well as all international locations. After having integration with mobile devices, the company also achieved to access sales data globally in real time.

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  • aligent openbravo solution

    Metal manufacturer Aligent better manages its operations and get better visibility and decision making thanks to the flexibility of Openbravo ERP.

    “We chose Openbravo ERP because of its flexibility that can be easily adapted to customer needs. The better visibility, control and decision making that the solution provides was key to lead us to another level of art of manufacturing” - Mr. Koh L.Y., General Manager of Aligent.

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  • AMMISA Openbravo ERP Solution

    AMMISA is a young wholesaler that distributes steel sheets and tubes. Due to their strong growth, they quickly realized that they needed a management solution which allowed having better control of their business processes. They chose Openbravo for its fully localization to the Mexican legislation, competitive cost, web-based cloud-ready technology and its flexibility. See the full story in this video.

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  • Conserve Italia openbravo solution
    Conserve Italia

    Conserve Italia is one of the leading agro-industrial companies operating in Europe, in terms of turnover, volumes and quality, with plants in France, UK, Spain and Germany. They ware looking for a non-intrusive and easy point of sale solution for managing direct sales of goods produced from the different manufacturing sites. Thanks to the Openbravo web-based technology, Conserve Italia introduced in a short time the possibility of directly selling products to employees and to near customers through a web-based POS fully integrated with the corporate ERP system.

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  • Halsted

    Halsted, the leading supplier of building and plumbing materials in Zimbabwe modernizes its stores, improves operations and gets higher agility with Openbravo for Retail.

    “Halsted chose Openbravo for its requirements fit and low total cost of ownership, for the ability to support a mobile workforce, and the organization's E-commerce aspirations going forward” - James Stevens, Group Accountant at Halsted.

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  • Home's Up Openbravo Commerce Platform
    Home's Up

    Groupe Adeo adopts the Openbravo Commerce Platform as the new Home's Up Order Management System (OMS) for its complete Straight Through Processing (STP) Multi-Channel architecture.

    “We selected System-in-Motion because of the flexibility of their solution of choice, namely Openbravo, and because they were the only vendor who convinced us they could deliver the system we needed in the very tight timeframe. A gradual deployment in phases then proved to be the perfect strategy for us, to first assess the commercial potential of the market, and expand our business to multiple online and offline channels. Openbravo is a powerful back-office application, and is best fitted when deployed with the most suited recommendations of a reliable integrator.” - William Li , CTO of Groupe Adeo China

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  • Khayal Alwataniya openbravo solution
    Khayal Alwataniya

    Khayal Alwataniya is a billion dollar group of companies based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “For us, Openbravo made the most sense. We spent considerable time and energy evaluating solutions from the most popular ERP solutions, but Openbravo impressed us with its flexibility, scalability, and adherence to our project requirements. We appreciated the simplicity yet robustness of the Openbravo for Retail solution and the ability to enable e-Commerce and Mobile Commerce for our customers.”, Fahad Alarifi, CEO of Khayal Alwataniya.

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  • Mármoles Arca and Openbravo ERP solution
    Mármoles Arca

    Mármoles Arca is one of the top 5 companies from Mexico dedicated to the distribution of natural stones and coating materials for the building industry. Due to their fast growth, they needed an integrated management solution to replace the spreadsheets they were using at that time. They chose Openbravo for its flexibility and adapted the software to their business needs. As a result, they managed to have standardized business processes that provide better control for the business. See the full story in this video.

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  • metal supermarkets openbravo solution
    Metal Supermarkets

    Leading international metal distributor Metal Supermarkets to expand and improve decision making thanks to the flexibility and scalability of Openbravo ERP.

    “Openbravo was the best of over 80 potential solution that our project team reviewed. We appreciated its superior flexibility in terms of set-up, language, and tax regimes, data management and user set-up. We expect Openbravo to provide superior benchmarking and analytics and the fact that it is open sourced was critical to us. We wanted a powerful tool that can offer a customized look and feel to allow our franchise partners be as successful as possible in serving customers.“ – Stephen Schober, President & CEO, Metal Supermarkets.

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  • Pintu City openbravo
    Pintu City

    Pintu City gains better control and real-time visibility on its sales and inventory management with the flexible Openbravo Commerce and CRMWeb solutions.

    Openbravo Commerce and CRMWeb solutions support us in the decision-making process just the right way, due to the timely and high quality information they provide in all the corporate management processes. They give real-time visibility and accurate control of the inventory in each one of the branch offices as well as facilitate more insights into all sales transactions regardless of the payment method and the complex pricing policies.” Araceli Cid, Logistics Manager at Pintu City.

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  • rotiboy openbravo
    PT. Bintang Indo Jaya

    Rotiboy modernizes its stores in Indonesia (Surabaya and Bali) and gains higher visibility into business performance with the Openbravo Commerce Platform.

    “Openbravo is helping us to process our transactions effectively; it gives us added benefits in controlling our management flow in our accounting, production and operation departments. It has been a key solution for our retail business” Adhi Setya, CEO of PT. Bintang Indo Jaya.

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  • Supplies Now Inc.

    The office materials retailer Supplies Now Inc. expands its business and improves operations thanks to the flexibility of Openbravo ERP.

    “Openbravo was key in the modernization of our IT platform. We chose Openbravo for its Open Source nature that offered us flexibility, innovation at an affordable cost. We needed to have the best tools to provide excellent customer satisfaction and now we do” - John Cheatham, CEO of Supplies Now Inc.

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  • Waise Scientific
    Waiser scientific

    Waiser scientific, a dynamic, daring and young company improves customer service and achieves higher agility with the flexible Openbravo ERP platform.

    “With Openbravo ERP it is now easier for us to access remote information and get a better picture of a process status during customer interaction. This enables us to provide a better customer service with accurate and real time information. Higher data quality and process automation have improved our operations as well and provided more time to monitor our business performance and react faster to any unforeseen event” - Julio Mota, Waiser scientific Commercial Manager.

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  • 3D MEDITEC openbravo solution

    The Openbravo solution for 3D MEDITEC is tailored to their current specific needs and highly scalable for the future. It provides a single source of easy to access information, and a single point of control across multiple sites.

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  • BUT openbravo solution

    With more than 1.6 billion Euros revenues in 2008, BUT, one of the leading home furniture retailer in France, relies on Openbravo POS to manage over 1,000 checkout counters distributed over its 220 stores in France.

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  • GREAT EMPIRE DISTRIBUTION openbravo solution

    "SYSTEM in MOTION delivered the system we needed to operate and support our growth. They kept Openbravo operational and continuously give us advices on how to improve it." Jean-Philippe Benoist, CEO at GED

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  • GRUPO CUÑADO openbravo solution

    GRUPO CUÑADO manages a large product catalog with more than 200k entries using Openbravo, and has adapted the solution to its unique civil engineering requirements with an isometric management module.

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  • GRUPO EULEN openbravo solution

    Grupo Eulen is a multinational company with more than 80.000 employees that offers general services to other companies and had a turnover of 1,338 million euros in 2012. Grupo Eulen chose Openbravo as a development platform because of its scalable, innovative and flexible technology. Openbravo implementation project is a strategic project for the company that should have a big positive impact in the following years.

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  • HARSHINI openbravo solution

    Harshini Engineering and Project Management is an infrastructure and manufacturing company of India, with a turnover or $US200M. Harshini is managing their operations including Finance and Project Management with Openbravo since 2011. They chose Openbravo to achieve full integration with other divisions of the company and, overall, to have full budget control.

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  • Huesker openbravo solution

    "... our employees were ecstatic when they saw their jobs become easier to carry out. They worked harder and more efficiently!" - Iñaki Amigot, General Manager for Huesker (Spain)

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  • International Business Group openbravo solution
    International Business Group

    "We require a complete, dynamic, flexible and indeed cost effective solution for our fastest growing business requirements and Openbravo supports all our corporate needs" Abdul Wahed Al Kooheji, CEO at International Business Group (IBG)

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  • Itzza Pizza openbravo solution
    Itzza Pizza

    Mr. Ziad Bushnaq, MD Itzza Pizza, said: “Openbravo has made our retail operations simple by providing a solution that is easy to handle and scale up. The best part is that everyone from our cashiers to the delivery boy is effortlessly using the Openbravo solution. SC Soft Dubai did a tremendous job by implementing the solution well ahead of the scheduled delivery day, thereby allowing us to focus on growth of the company”.

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  • LAVINIA openbravo solution

    Lavinia selected Openbravo to meet its need for a cost-effective and highly usable Point of Sale management system for its new restaurant in the CNIT shopping centre located in Paris and a tasting kiosk. iPad devices were given to the waiters, and back office integration with company's Axapta ERP was provided. Images and more information in Spanish are available here.

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  • Matadero de Pamplona openbravo solution
    Matadero de Pamplona

    This meat processor used Openbravo to replace a number of existing applications including slaughter, break-down, shipping, and invoicing with a single information system with full lot traceability back to the individual animal, catch weight processing, device integration with barcode readers, labelers, etc. and full integration with external systems including compliance reporting and public administration.

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  • Powerbrand Asia openbravo solution
    Powerbrand Asia

    This Asian food and beverage manufacturer uses Openbravo to streamline operations and gain full visibility across Financial Management, Warehouse, Sales and Procurement. A key factor in choosing Openbravo was the ability to easily create purpose-built screens on handheld devices for the mobile sales force.

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  • RocketSpace openbravo solution

    RocketSpace is an innovation campus in the heart of San Francisco and expanding to tech clusters around the world. “After more than a year trying to run our coworking space using a variety of disparate systems we knew we needed something better. With Openbravo we get far more than we had before yet we spend far less time on basic business operations. So now we can focus more on our Members and that’s the key to our future success.” Duncan Logan – CEO of RocketSpace

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  • SAIC openbravo solution

    One of the business units of SAIC is the outsourcing of logistics for an important US Government Department. Contracts today are managed with Openbravo, thanks to the flexibility of the platform to achieve total fit of the specific business requirements. "We've had a great experience working with Openbravo." - John Coble, CTO of the Logistics & Engineering Solutions business unit of SAIC

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  • Social Car openbravo solution
    Social Car

    "Selecting Openbravo was a critical element in managing our business and costs. The "pay-per-use" model prevents excess costs, discussions about prices and hidden extra costs. Openbravo made all the difference due to its flexibility, functionality and its cloud installation option, which allows greater ease of implementation and maintenance, as well as cost savings. Another aspect in favour of this solution is that it is scalable, which is of vital importance due to the rapid growth of our company and the transactions that must be managed. Since the system is in production, the collection and payment processes have been automated and owners and drivers have on-line access to their invoices and information. We have benefited in terms of productivity, speed and improvements to customer service."

    - Marina Caus, Operations and IT Manager, Social Car

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  • Tratamientos Industriales Iruña openbravo solution
    Tratamientos Industriales Iruña

    This company's unique manufacturing process involves treatment of pieces for hardening and requires the measurement and tracking of all historical process-related parameters--with automated proposal of machine configuration settings to optimize results based on correlation to similar historical scenarios. Openbravo's easy adaptability allowed these critical custom requirements to be met cost-effectively.

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  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid openbravo solution
    Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    "Openbravo ERP proved to be the right solution for our Research and Development Group, supporting, in a very flexible and efficient way, our needs regarding the delivery of R+D+i projects and accredited ISO170025 services to a high number of clients.".


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  • ALIMARKET openbravo solution

    Openbravo's flexibility has allowed us to meet the specific needs of our industry enabling us to improve key business processes, such as the ability to configure an offer in real time.

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  • Archdiocese of Pamplona and Tudela openbravo solution
    Archdiocese of Pamplona and Tudela

    The Archdiocese of Pamplona and Tudela uses Openbravo to maintain centralized information on priests and their parishes, and has been able to easily integrate all the day-to-day processes that such a complex organization demands. Openbravo was selected because of its flexibility and web-based approach, and was successfully implemented after a short period of development.

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  • Argento openbravo solution

    Argento is a jewelry wholesaler from Caracas (Venezuela). They needed to have a better inventory and cashflow control in the company. They also wanted to have immediate access to updated information in real time. They chose Openbravo for its functional footprint, which met most of their requirements, and for its flexibility due to the open source model, which allowed them to implement customizations to further automate their business processes. As a result of the implementation done by Innovatec, Argento now has a fully integrated management system that provides them with reliable information in real time and can be accessed from any device and location. This helps them in the decision-making process to better manage their business.

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  • Openbravo ERP Platform ARR Corporativo
    ARR Corporativo

    ARR Corporativo increases its productivity in all its business processes and improves customer service thanks to the Openbravo ERP Platform flexibility.
    "The Openbravo solution, implemented by Spocsys, engages the organization and our staff to innovate and completely change the way we were doing things in the past. Openbravo drives our organization to become more competitive to fulfill our customer needs and strengthens our slogan "Serving is our vocation"" – Patricio Roel, General Manager.

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  • Arrasate openbravo solution

    "Without a doubt, Openbravo's solution met the original needs of our company and we were also happy that we were able to adapt it to the baked goods sector and our particular production and distribution operations."

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  • Groupe Beaumoir Openbravo Commerce Platform
    Beaumanoir Group

    With more than 2,300 stores around the world, 5 fashion brands, the Beaumanoir Group distributes world-known clothing brands. Thanks to Openbravo, Beaumanoir Group China has improved all procurement operations and gained better visibility across all brands as well as a higher productivity of their buying office. Based on a good experience with sourcing processes, System in Motion developed a set of modules dedicated for the management of product life cycle in the Fashion industry.

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  • Blum Secret openbravo solution
    Blum Secret

    BLUM SECRET is a company that distributes cosmetic products. "We were looking for a totally innovative and scalable solution that would allow us to manage our business now and support future expansion plans. Openbravo was the best option both for its features, its potential and its cost "- Francesc Angelet, CEO of Blum Secret.

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  • Bretagne Diffusion openbravo solution
    Bretagne Diffusion

    Bretagne Diffusion is a wholesaler and retailer of clothes from France, specialized in seaside clothing and accessories. They are using Openbravo because it features a lean and flexible architecture that allows adapting the software to the company business needs, not the other way around.

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  • Cafenasa openbravo solution

    Cafenasa, a producer and distributor of coffee, efficiently tracks all of its production processes thanks to the implementation of Openbravo and its integration with different mobile devices.

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  • CARAVAN TUKKU openbravo solution

    "The immediate benefit of Openbravo ERP is the lowering of the transaction costs. Now we can finally scale up our business." Kimmo Niemistö, CEO, Kehä Caravan Tukku

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  • CHECO REPUESTOS openbravo solution

    Checo Repuestos has fully leveraged Openbravo's easy adaptability and interoperability with e-Commerce integration, foreign trade extensions, and adaptation of the standard MRP to an EOQ model. The result is an integrated solution that meets current needs and is also highly scalable and cost-effective to support future growth.

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  • CHEERS openbravo solution

    CHEERS Wines is an imported wine wholesaler established in Beijing that sells wines and spirits through retail and online stores. They are using Openbravo because it features a lean and flexible architecture that allows adapting the software to the company business needs, not the other way around.

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  • Coapte – Groupe Santé openbravo solution
    Coapte – Groupe Santé

    Coapte specializes in services for healthcare professionals and required a highly customizable solution that could be adapted cost-effectively to their very specific business processes. Implementing standard Openbravo processes in just one month provided immediate ROI, with incremental refinements and expanded use resulting in fully streamlined business flows and better decision-making based on a single source of truth.

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  • Cocoon Group openbravo solution
    Cocoon Group

    Cocoon Group is a sourcing company founded in Shanghai in 2005 to support relationship between China, Europe and other emerging markets. Cocoon’s mission is to help its clients make the most out of China and assist them in dealing with fast moving competition and deep cultural differences. They are using Openbravo because it features a lean and flexible architecture that allows adapting the software to the company business needs, not the other way around.

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  • Connoisseur Group openbravo solution
    Connoisseur Group

    The Connoisseur Group is a brand of prestige and excellence that offers a large collection of exquisite art pieces and high-end products that are both functional and decorative. They chose Openbravo because of its innovative open source technology that offers a broad functional footprint with a fully integrated set of tested extension modules.

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  • CONSORCIO FERNANDO DE LOS RIOS openbravo solution

    Consorcio Fernando de Los Rios initially tapped Openbravo for tighter management of their technical equipment stock, which is spread over 600 public centers. Openbravo's project accounting and ability to add new document types proved key in allowing them to gain full control over revenue and expenses.

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  • DALYS openbravo solution

    Dalys distributes cleaning and labor security products with many different colors, sizes and reference numbers, and Openbravo's powerful product attributes feature set has allowed them to optimize their warehouse operations with a small set of core product IDs.

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  • Diconno openbravo solution

    With Openbravo, Diconno's management was able to achieve great flexibility in accessing information over the web, and dramatically increased efficiency of processes previously managed with Excel.

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  • DISTRIBUIDORA MARANATHA openbravo solution

    "Openbravo is an excellent option in regards cost/benefit for companies to have ROR (Reliable, Opportune and Relevant) information and is useful for the whole organisation." Jonatán Frias, Executive Director

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  • EL MOLI D'EN PUIGVERT openbravo solution

    El Moli d'en Puigvert leveraged Openbravo's model-driven development capabilities to create 3 new applications via the application dictionary.

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  • Elogia openbravo solution

    Elogia is a digital marketing company founded in 1999 that currently has 9 offices spread in 6 different countries. Their fast and accelerated growth forced them to implement an ERP system that allowed them having a sustainable growth. They chose Openbravo for its multi-company capability as well as its flexibility. Openbravo has supported their growth and allowed them having full visibility of each office and country performance.

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  • EmceePack openbravo solution

    "The web-based architecture and multiple accounting schema's allowed us to easily extend to our Asian sites. We are able to maintain our price-competitiveness because of this very affordable solution." Peter Schalke, CEO, EmceePack

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  • Eroski openbravo solution

    This special logistics business unit of a multi-billion € Spanish retail chain reduced manual errors and improved efficiency through adapting Openbravo to their unique needs.

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  • ESMECH openbravo solution

    Esmech is one of the largest infrastructure and engineering company of India with a turnover of 4 Billion USD. Esmech is a subsidiary of SMS Siemag AG, Germany and they manufacture customized Engineering Equipments for heavy plants in India and Europe. The whole organization is managed by Openbravo since 2010 to achieve automation of their manufacturing processes.

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  • ETAM openbravo solution

    Etam International Sourcing (EIS) is a procurement office that is 100% dedicated to all of Etam's fashion brands: Etam Prêt-à-Porter, Etam Lingerie, 1.2.3 and Undiz. Headquartered in Shanghai (China) with a liaison office in Dhaka (Bangladesh), EIS is composed of a multicultural team, and an ever-growing network of suppliers, factories and partners all over Asia. They chose Openbravo because of its innovative open source technology that offers a broad functional footprint with a fully integrated set of tested extension modules.

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  • Feiyue Shoes openbravo solution
    Feiyue Shoes

    "Openbravo allows us to integrate with our business partners, synchronize with our e-commerce platform, and manage our operations in a efficient way. SYSTEM in MOTION was able to satisfy all the specific needs of our business, and keep the benefits of a modern, agile and efficient business application." Nicolas Seguy, CEO at Feiyue Shoes

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  • First Influx openbravo solution
    First Influx

    This Malaysian food and beverage distributor used Openbravo to reduce their procurement to distribution cycle time by more than 20%.

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  • FIXCON ELECTRONICS openbravo solution

    This Dutch electronics manufacturer has used Openbravo to increase visibility over production capacity and available stock parts, reduce costs through better control over stock levels, and increase customer satisfaction.

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    Openbravo ERP Professional Subscription is ideal for the foundation because it means we not only have access to upgrades, updates, automatic backups and bug -fixing, etc., but support for our ERP is affordable this way. The fact that both the product and support are flexible and can grow with us is essential in the continuity and expanse of our organization.

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  • FRIHOGAR openbravo solution

    Frihogar operates a highly distributed home delivery network of frozen nutritional products, and uses Openbravo to manage logistics for over 5000 clients on a biweekly basis. The solution has resulted in optimized delivery routes, and the calculation of profitability by client and many other business-critical KPIs.

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  • Frilac openbravo solution

    “Openbravo met and exceeded our original expectations, especially as far as technological flexibility, personalized support and a solution tailored to our specific needs.”

    “For the last four years, Openbravo has been our ERP solution. All strategic changes have been developed and established according to our required system adaptation needs. Sales increases of 32%, enhanced decision-making processes, and measurable quality improvements can all be attributed to the existence of Openbravo – our new ERP.”

    - Carlos Villanueva, Sales Director for Frilac, S.A

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  • GEETEX GROUP openbravo solution

    Thanks to SC Soft Pte Ltd, they are able to custom-tailor Openbravo ERP to suit our needs, including merging all departments' work into one web-based application to greatly improve our efficiency. The system also improves our productivity as employees have been able to adapt to the system fairly quickly and with ease. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the implementation procedure and professionalism of SC Soft's employees.

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  • Grupo Berotz openbravo solution
    Grupo Berotz

    As a company we are growing, and in our international expansion we trust that Openbravo ERP will be an indispensible tool; it was certainly the best option amongst all the solutions we were considering. We opted for Openbravo Professional Subscription in order to gain peace of mind that our ERP will continue to work for us professionally. The guaranteed support contract means that our ERP system is always up-to-date, which enables us to concentrate all our efforts into growing our business and increasing productivity.

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  • Grupo de Investigación en Instrumentación y Acústica Aplicada openbravo solution
    Grupo de Investigación en Instrumentación y Acústica Aplicada

    "Openbravo ERP proved to be the right solution for our Research and Development Group, supporting, in a very flexible and efficient way, our needs regarding the delivery of R+D+i projects and accredited ISO170025 services to a high number of clients." Mariano Ruiz, Regular Professor - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

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  • Hisar Metal Openbravo ERP Platform
    Hisar Metal

    Hisar Metal India is a BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) listed company that manufactures cold rolled stainless steel strips. They are one of the largest steel strips manufacturers of India and are using Openbravo for the management of all its operations since 2010. The company is ISO 9001 certified and one of the largest suppliers to top steel manufacturers in the region. They chose Openbravo to support their decentralization strategy at an affordable cost.

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  • IDEA openbravo solution

    We are pleased with our choice of Openbravo QuickStart -it took less than 60 hours of services to go live on the system. The cloud-based deployment and modern, browser-based user interface made things fast and easy, and is especially helpful for companies with several locations such as ours. Openbravo QuickStart is a great choice for small companies looking for real results.

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  • INDUMA openbravo solution

    "Openbravo has laid the foundations of a company 10 or 15 times the current size of INDUMA with an affordable cost for the size we have. With this system we are prepared to continue to grow in an organized and controlled way during the next 10 or 15 years. No doubt the great adaptability, flexibility and optimal balance of cost - benefit of Openbravo have been key to achieving this." Jorge Erdmann Reich, Managing Director

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  • Inspirational Elements openbravo solution
    Inspirational Elements

    This high volume Australian distributor of quality home & garden lifestyle decoration products chose Openbravo because of its cost-effective scalability and their ability to use it to efficiently manage multiple web-based business applications without additional staff.

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  • INSTITUTO FOCAN openbravo solution

    "After the implementation of Openbravo ERP and its integration with SugarCRM, sales processes, course management, invoicing and personnel management have become much easier.", Ibán Losada López, Instituto FOCAN

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  • Isotrol openbravo solution

    This professional services firm provides engineering, consulting, information systems and technological support to its customers, and has used Openbravo to unify 4 different management systems into one integrated web based system serving over 200 users. After implementing Openbravo in house, Isotrol became a partner and has added Openbravo to its portfolio of solutions that they implement with their own customers!

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  • La Trobada openbravo solution
    La Trobada

    La Trobada is a restaurant located in a very busy area next to a multiplex cinema, and uses Openbravo's POS with iPad devices to provide fast and efficient service to large numbers of customers, with minimal wait times. Openbravo has helped to improve staff productivity, streamline operations, and improve data collection.

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  • La Ville Sensuelle openbravo solution
    La Ville Sensuelle

    Openbravo’s Point of Sale Retail solution was chosen due to its fast and easy implementation, as well as its robustness and ease of use. In addition to meeting the core system requirements, Openbravo’s embedded reporting and monitoring capabilities also provided true business agility throughout the 6 months of the 2010 Expo, enabling continuous improvement based on sales trends.

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  • Libelium openbravo solution

    Libelium designs, manufactures and sells hardware technology for deploying wireless sensor networks. Openbravo is a complete system that meets all of Libelium's back office needs, is fully integrated with their Magento e-commerce site, and is open source, allowing Libelium's staff to assume complete ownership and control of the system.

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  • LUMIMEXICO openbravo solution

    For the first time, Openbravo ERP has allowed us to have an operation that is 100% integrated and efficient. We now have a single source of information for effective decision making.

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  • Openbravo Commerce Platform Marcaprint

    Marcaprint chose Openbravo for supporting their strong business growth and has allowed to automate Marcaprint business processes by integrating data coming from different offices and from the website and has provided an accurate control of the operation margins for each transaction thus becoming a key tool for the company expansion. The adoption of an OnDemand solution has provided higher IT flexibility and has allowed them to be business focused.

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  • MARSEILLE INNOVATION openbravo solution

    Open source enterprise applications have a bright future. Its customization capabilities and its total cost of ownership are more suitable for SMB needs.

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  • MILWORKS openbravo solution

    MilWorks provides product & system ODM/OEM design and manufacturing services to prime contractors in the defense, aerospace and industrial markets. They needed a scalable and flexible ERP solution to suit its business objective of high work productivity in its design and manufacturing units. This was not possible with its existing tools, which were standalone software suites. The implementation of Openbravo has resulted in greater distribution of tasks, improved work focus, better productivity and seamless sharing of business information to all stakeholders in the company.

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  • MyHealth Pharmacy openbravo solution
    MyHealth Pharmacy

    MyHealth Pharmacy needed to manage inventory of over 30 thousand SKUs, with many variations. The company had already defined a strategic process for inventory replenishment using Theory of Constraints, and they needed an ERP which could easily implement their specific vision to efficiently manage and scale the replenishment process across hundreds of stores.

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  • Orange Bleu Fleurs Openbravo Commerce Platform
    Orange Bleu Fleurs

    Orange Bleu Fleurs chose Openbravo Commerce Platform because of its flexibility that has allowed the software to adapt to their business requirements especially for loyalty management and has provided better visibility into the stores operations thanks to a centralized view of all their data.

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  • Orchidis Jardin Openbravo Commerce Platform
    Orchidis Jardin

    Orchidis Jardin is a French wholesaler and retailer of flower and garden products with physical and online stores. The comprehensive standard capabilities of Openbravo Commerce Platform will allow them to manage their entire business. Currently, they can already fully manage their physical store with the new commerce solution and will soon integrate it with the online channel.

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  • Ortoprono openbravo solution

    "With Openbravo, all transactions are instantly posted. Our stores are online connected to our server and simply registering their operations. Now, we have a full picture of the situation at all times hence can immediately react and make fast and accurate decisions." José Bernardo Noblejas, CEO Ortoprono

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  • Pace Engineering College openbravo solution
    Pace Engineering College

    This engineering college uses Openbravo technology to manage Admissions, Enrollment, Curriculum Management, Campus Financials, Library Management, Logistics Management, Asset Management, and HR. See Openecampus for more information about the Openbravo-based campus management solution that cost-effectively manages the entire student lifecycle.

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  • PIZZOLU openbravo solution

    PIZZOLU is a fast-growing pizzeria that has implemented Openbravo to cost-effectively optimize all of their business processes including including procurement, production, inventory, and point of sales--all fully integrated with accounting.

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  • Platane openbravo solution

    To meet high Chinese demand for their home décor and personal accessory products, Platane implemented the Openbravo Professional Edition and Point of Sale Retail solutions, unleashing business agility and enabling them to accelerate their high growth trajectory by minimizing out of stocks, increasing throughput, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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  • PLB Distribucions openbravo solution
    PLB Distribucions

    PLB Distribucions is a leading company in distribution of lightweight construction products: partition walls, ceilings, and thermal and acoustic insulation systems. They needed to integrate the production management processes with the sales management and accounting as they were using standalone software packages. Openbravo allowed them managing all their key business processes in a single business solution that provides updated reporting which is key for supporting the decisions taking process.

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  • Profen openbravo solution

    This Malaysian automotive manufacturer/distributor replaced a legacy ERP with Openbravo, and now enjoys improved productivity and transparency from purchasing to manufacturing, sales and financials.

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  • REGALADOR.COM openbravo solution

    "The Openbravo implementation has been a great success in ensuring the scalability of our e-Commerce, and has actually improved all of our operations. Now we know in real time our available stock, we have better control of the purchase and sales orders, and a more efficient accounting reconciliation. Furthermore, as it’s very intuitive, the training curve has decreased dramatically, increasing our company productivity in a very short period of time. The On-Demand option let us minimize our initial IT investment and not worry about the technological aspects, which has allowed us to focus on the business, not the IT." - Pablo Melchor, Founder

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  • Regenesys University openbravo solution
    Regenesys University

    Riaan Steenberg, COO and Director, of Regenesys said, “It’s a pleasure to recommend OpeneCampus and the services that Astute provided to Regenesys. We believe that since we go live and in the long term, this solution would offer much more value than other solutions at a fraction of the cost. The requirements we had were very challenging but OpeneCampus and Astute exceeded our expectations. We encourage any company in the education sector, to adopt this ERP solution.”

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  • Ronda SA openbravo solution
    Ronda SA

    This Colombian game manufacturer uses Openbravo to plan production with MRP, eliminate redundant data entry between processes, and automate national and international billing with EDI and PRICAT interfaces.

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  • Saudi Drums Factory Company Openbravo ERP Platform
    Saudi Drums Factory Company

    Saudi Drums Factory Company from KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) is a company specializing in the manufacturing and producing of plastic drums made of high-density polyethylene types and also iron and metal containers as well as plastics stripes. The latest production line is jerry cans with various capacities. They used core modules of Openbravo for automating all internal processes and for Business Process Re-engineering. While using Openbravo they found out that the platform provided is commensurate with their aspirations.

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  • Seacom openbravo solution

    This Italian IT services firm uses Openbravo's 100% web based functionality to manage its sales flow from quotes & orders to invoicing and collections.

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  • Selectiv openbravo solution

    Selectiv, a full service Italian furniture retailer, chose Openbravo to meet its need for a cost-effective, easily-adaptable, web-based solution to manage its supply chain.

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  • Seruntun Maju openbravo solution
    Seruntun Maju

    This duty-free goods Malaysian retailer uses Openbravo to proactively deliver goods to individual outlets, and has improved their customer service and minimized their cash requirement to support sales.

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  • Servitecsa (Grupo BBVA) openbravo solution
    Servitecsa (Grupo BBVA)

    Servitecsa offers online Spanish and English language courses, and implemented Openbravo to meet their need for a 7x24 back office solution that was extremely to integrate with external systems via web services.

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  • Slan openbravo solution

    This provider of temperature-controlled logistics services uses Openbravo to manage its warehouses and invoice its customers.

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  • Snack Saludable openbravo solution
    Snack Saludable

    Snack Saludable is a company that produces and distributes snacks made of first quality fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the lack of any management solution, they needed a tool that allowed them having their business under control with the possibility to access to it from anywhere. They chose Openbravo for its innovative web-based technology and its competitive cost thanks to the open source model.

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  • Spextec Openbravo ERP Platform

    Spextec simplifies its processes and improves its activities control in the areas of sales, finance and project management thanks to the Openbravo ERP Platform adoption.
    “The adoption of this new system allows properly satisfying our information needs in regards to our sales and procurement operations as well as inventory and accounting” – Jezuz Escudero, CEO

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  • SYC Cylinders openbravo solution
    SYC Cylinders

    SYC Cylinders is a company that manufactures and sells pressured gas systems. They needed to have greater control on the traceability of sold systems as their existing solution did not provided it. Openbravo allowed them having full visibility on all their products life cycle as well as made possible managing all business processes with one fully integrated and customized solution.

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  • Transroman openbravo solution

    This transportation service provider uses Openbravo to cost-effectively automate invoicing, control staff resources and manage quality certifications.

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  • TriMet openbravo solution

    "We use Openbravo to handle fares and ticket sales to the public, which currently involves over 300,000 rides per weekday. We chose Openbravo over other solutions because of its rich functionality with features that related to our business, twinned with the quality and robustness of the software. Installation was simple and straightforward and we now have an easy-to-use system that has increased efficiency - to date we've processed over 100,000 transactions worth more than $4.5 million dollars.".


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  • Vippy Soya openbravo solution
    Vippy Soya

    This Indian food & beverage manufacturer uses Openbravo to increase user efficiency and make the right information available to the right people at the right time, with user-friendly screens and dynamic reports. Openbravo was also chosen because it is scalable and extensible to support future growth, as shown by the creation and deployment of an integrated vehicle tracking module.

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  • Visatac openbravo solution

    Visatac is a company which is specialized in the manufacturing of laminated products such as stickers, paper, film and aluminum foil. Their fast growth and the fact that they did not have any management solution, brought them to decide implementing an ERP solution that could provide better control of their business. They chose Openbravo as it made them possible to have a comprehensive ERP with a minimum investment that would allow further customization to easily automate their processes according to their needs.

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  • VISUAL GOVERNANCE openbravo solution

    Visual Governance is a U.S.-based enterprise governance, risk and compliance solutions provider who chose Openbravo to support their multi-organizational growth needs, and because they recognized that it would easily integrate with their other systems at low TCO. So far they have realized a 40% reduction in time dedicated to administrative duties and costs, and a 10-15% increase in resource utilization for their billable personnel.

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  • WEBLOGS SL openbravo solution

    Thanks to Openbravo QuickStart we own a complete ERP up and running within a short period of time and with a minimum initial investment. In addition to its full functionality, the flexibility in adapting it to our needs and the fact that it is web based - which is perfectly in line with the nature of our business -, were decisive factors to choose the solution. We have succeeded in optimising the management and control of our operations, especially collection and payment management, thereby improving the decision-taking process. Openbravo ERP is our solution for both the short and long term, to support the continuous growth of our business.

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