New Appliance Available: Start Planning Your Update And Leverage This Exclusive Cloud Offer

In today’s marketplace, companies in all industries are seeing the business environment change at an unprecedented speed and are facing disruption by new technologies. Companies that want to succeed need to find different ways of doing business and better ways to differentiate themselves from competition.

For enterprise software providers like Openbravo, these changes require us to continually innovate our products as well as implementing improvements in areas like performance, scalability and security, so ensuring our clients can capitalize on the benefits new technologies can provide. As a consequence, we regularly update our technology stack to the latest supported versions of its components.

In accordance with this objective and our strategic commitment to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customers in the use of our solutions, we are pleased to inform you about the availability of a new appliance, which comes with a totally renewed technical stack to get the most out of your Openbravo system.

Benefits of the New Appliance

The new appliance includes a new version of Ubuntu to guarantee continued support beyond April 2019, after which support for the currently-used Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS will be discontinued.

The new release, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, is the successor to 14.04 LTS, and offers further improvements in system stability.

As well as a new version of Ubuntu, the new appliance comes with a series of additional improvements:

  • Database: support for PostgreSQL 10, which provides significant performance and scalability improvements, such as the capacity to use several CPU cores to speed up complex queries, which is especially relevant for reporting.
  • Application Server: support for Apache Tomcat 8.5, which provides new features that allow for better scalability in high-concurrency workloads by reducing lock contention, for example.
  • Java: support for OpenJDK 11, which enables the use of modern software stack components, such as the Hibernate upgrade included as of 18Q4.

Why you Should Start Planning your Appliance Update Today

It is important to start planning to update your appliance now because that will ensure you get:

  • The ability to install new software releases from 18Q4 onwards. The new appliance will be a prerequisite in order to continue to deploying your Openbravo system as of the 18Q4 release. So, use of the new appliance is crucial if you want to continue benefitting from our latest innovations through the installation of this and future releases.
  • Security and critical system updates beyond April 2019. By May 2019, all installations using the old appliance will no longer benefit from support for their OS and stack. It is critical for your business to continue to have access to security and other critical system updates for these instances for which the new appliance is a requirement.

Since we know this process will require some time, we recommend that you start planning this migration with your Openbravo Partner as soon as possible.

How to Upgrade

Following our general software lifecycle policies, we always recommend updating to the latest Confirmed Stable software release, currently the 18Q3 release.

The 18Q3 release has been especially designed to simplify the transition to the new appliance since it is the only release that supports both the new and the previous versions. This feature makes it the perfect candidate for the upgrade, since it enables a more controlled two-step process, which allows you to first upgrade the Openbravo software and then upgrade the appliance later.

For Openbravo Cloud customers, Openbravo will be in charge of the appliance upgrade in coordination with your Openbravo Partner, who will be in charge of the Openbravo software update.

Exclusive Cloud Offering and Discounted Support Services

To make this process as smooth as possible, we are pleased to launch the following two exclusive offers for existing customers:

  1.  Openbravo Cloud Free for 3 Months: Openbravo Cloud comes with a series of benefits, including continual update of the technical stack as well as the appliance update, which guarantees a smooth technical transition.
    To benefit from this exclusive offer now, sign up for one year or longer for Openbravo Cloud. You will get the first three months for free and Openbravo Cloud experts will be in charge of your appliance upgrade.
  2. Discounted Support Packages:  For non-cloud customers, we offer you special discounted Support Packages to assist your Openbravo Partner during the upgrade.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact your Partner or Openbravo representative to benefit from these two offers that will be valid until January 31, 2019.

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