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Engage and Reward Your Customers With These Loyalty Tips

For medium- and large-sized retailers, customer loyalty is a huge factor in success. In addition to helping to drive more sales, a loyal customer base also helps promote a company via word-of-mouth advertising (i.e customer advocacy). What’s more, selling to existing customers is dramatically less expensive and considerably more profitable than selling to new clients — engaged customers purchase products 90 percent more frequently and spend an average of 60 percent more on each transaction than other clients.

Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to create customer loyalty that lasts. Ciceron estimates that

“poor customer service costs companies a global average of $41 billion annually”,

so how do you avoid the same outcome? By employing certain loyalty tricks, taking steps to attract customers to stores, and engaging them once they’re there, you can improve your customer loyalty numbers and boost the success of your business.

1. Enhance Your In-store Experience
Did you know that physical stores are projected to account for more than 95 percent of all sales in the coming years? While this may be difficult to believe given the intense focus companies place on internet marketing, it’s true. In light of this, now is a great time to enhance your in-store experience and ensure that you’re giving your customers something to look forward to when they visit your physical location. Ensure that you have ample product on hand so that customers can touch and feel your items, and don’t hesitate to take steps to increase the convenience, speed and customization of your store’s shopping experience. While these may be small steps, they can have large impacts on customer loyalty.

2. Support Mobile Payments
While in-store shopping may be exploding in popularity, mobile payments are still an important factor in your customer loyalty numbers. Major companies like Samsung and Apple have developed mobile payment platforms, and today’s customers expect to be able to use them wherever they shop. While failing to support mobile payment may not cost you customers immediately, enabling mobile payments improves the customer experience and makes your store that much faster to checkout, easier and more enjoyable for them to frequent.

3. Ensure Cross-channel Functionality
If you have both an online and offline presence, you’ll need to ensure that the two channels are working together as allies in unified commerce. Omni-channel scenarios that allow customers to buy a product online and pick it up in the store are increasingly popular, as are features that allow customers to reserve something online and purchase it at their local, in-store location. In addition to being convenient for customers, these approaches also drive new sales: 45 percent of customers make a secondary purchase when picking up a pre-purchased item in-store.

4. Offer a Perk
While it may seem simple, offering your customers a perk while they shop in your store can go a long way toward enhancing their experience and encouraging them to come back again. One great way to do this is to integrate a loyalty program into your retail system. To streamline the process and encourage customers to enroll, ensure that you’re making it as easy as possible for them.

5. Employ an Order Management System
While an order management system (OMS) may not immediately strike you as something that can improve your customer loyalty, the fact is that anything that streamlines the customer experience can help improve loyalty. Plus, since an OMS supports the cross-channel functionality required to make your brick-and-mortar and online presences mesh, it can be a great step toward improving the functionality of your company as a whole.

Regardless of what your customer loyalty goals may be, these five tips can help you improve your loyalty numbers and gain high lifetime value customers. Join our hands-on demo this week on Thursday 21st of April where I will personally show you how to integrate your Loyalty Program into your Store Solution.

Thursday 21st of April at 11.30 CET in English

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