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H&M Store in Hong Kong
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When  we talk to retailers about what its top of their “wish list”,  real-time inventory visibility is one of the things they most often mention. Without it, it’s not possible to support omnichannel scenarios, of course. But beyond that, it’s not about just gaining real-time inventory visibility  it’s also about

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Sustainable Fashion
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Fashion has increasingly come under fire over its environmental impact, including carbon footprint and textile waste. The pressure for fashion retailers to do something about it has also increased. Last week, the Environmental Audit Committee in the UK launched an investigation into the social and environmental impact of disposable ‘fast fashion’ and the wider clothing industry. Retailers

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Openbravo will be attending the second edition of the Innovation Fashion Forum in Madrid on Thursday, July 5, organized by modaes. Geared towards professionals involved in the digital transformation of fashion companies, the success of the first edition of IFF proved there was much interest for an event where aspects

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Man manager of Fashion Store with digital tablet and computer pc

The fashion industry is in continuous evolution and retailers that don’t innovate fast enough will be left behind. One of the key areas where fashion retailers need to innovate is personalization, as fashion-conscious consumers wants to walk out of a store feeling that the clothes they have just bought are

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Pollyanna Boutique
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As the fashion industry becomes increasingly dominated by multinational fast-fashion brands like Zara and H&M, there is still room for niche players who put the emphasis on exclusive, contemporary fashion and serve a regional rather than international market. These retailers have much to gain from an integrated and omnichannel retail

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I recently had the opportunity to attend the sixth edition of the ISPO Academy Barcelona event, whose theme this year was “Proximity”, meaning proximity to the client, something that we all try to achieve but which remains a great challenge for the retail sector. The event was held at the

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Consumer electronics retailing has entered a new and more challenging era. Customers demand a different shopping experience, one that closely matches their digital lives and characterized by immediacy, personalization and efficiency. So retailers in this highly competitive sector need to offer products and services that reflect the always-on, always-connected lifestyles

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Founded in 2010, Deporvillage has become one of the leading online stores for cycling, running, and other sports equipment in Southern Europe. By 2016, the company had expanded into four countries – Spain, Italy, France and Portugal – and reached €20m in sales. However, the growing  volume and complexity of its business

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With over 12,000 products in its famous catalog, IKEA must rely on business integration technology to optimize and manage their merchandise efficiently online and across its 400 stores. But even for smaller players in the furniture and home decoration sector, managing merchandise can still be a real challenge. Furniture and

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Spanish textile brand Bassols has a unique heritage that goes back two centuries and is possibly the oldest surviving textile company in the world. But it faced a problem common to a lot of long-established companies, namely it had disparate IT systems that were not designed to talk to each

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