Capture More Business Opportunities in 2017 with Openbravo´s Partner Program

In today´s competitive retail market, there is demand for agile and customizable technologies that can integrate back-office processes, inventory management, and store operations. Openbravo has worked diligently to align itself with current standards and best practices in the software market and develop a retail-specific technology platform especially designed to meet their needs.

Now we are reaching out to our partners to ignite a next phase of growth for Openbravo with a new partner program.

What is the Openbravo Partner Program?

With Openbravo, partners can sell, deliver, implement, and develop Openbravo solutions. With the flexibility to choose and cultivate the extent of our support, our partner program is designed to help partners focus on what they do best, whether it is one or all of these activities.

What are the Benefits of Being an Openbravo Partner?

 Besides the tangible operational benefits such as sales commissions, marketing funds, and enablement, Openbravo offers the opportunity to truly engage with an innovative technology in a fast-growing and global industry. We believe our annual partner fee offers high value in return.

Because we are sold 100% through our partners, our primary role is to provide support for our partners, rather than compete with them. Partners take ownership of the customer, managing the client´s subscription over time, and customize the solution to satisfy specific client and local needs. Openbravo provides several levels of certification for solution developers as well as tools to help partners achieve and manage joint sales, marketing, and business development.

In addition to solution design and implementation, partners may also provide their own additional services, such as support, education, and hosting. Skilled development partners may be involved in further developing the Openbravo Solution, an opportunity to become technology innovators and create their own commercial modules which can be sold autonomously and reach further market segments.

What´s the Next Step?

Openbravo has the technology, the product, the development team, and the support team to handle all retailer needs from a single platform.  Partners have local market knowledge, penetration, and experience required to build and maintain good customer relationships.

Together, we can generate and capture more business opportunities and offer retailers an even stronger business proposition for success.

For more information about the program levels, visit http://www.openbravo.com/partners/. Fill out the application form and one of our Partner Managers will contact you to answer any questions and discuss the best options for a mutually beneficial partnership. We look forward to hearing from you!

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